How long after water breaks does Bernedoodle have puppies? Depends upon size and many other factors

The water break in the dogs usually during the first stage of labor. During this stage, a dog tries to push their baby out of the body. So you can easily judge when your dog is pushing, so you are there at the time of delivery. This fluid is more like the water which protects the Bernedoodle baby in the utero. The dogs are usually pregnant for two months. During this period, the puppies grow inside the dog body. You need to take proper care of your Bernedoodle in this situation to make it easier to give birth to the puppies.

How long after a water breaks Bernedoodle have puppies

When we talk about the time of puppy birth after the water break, it depends upon the size of your Bernedoodle and the litter size as well. Usually, a mother gives birth to a puppy after pushing two to three-time. But sometimes the sac is not opened in this process, and you need to open the sac to prevent the Bernedoodle baby quickly. Different factors can play a role in the timing of Bernedoodle puppy birth after the water break. These factors include the litter size, Bernedoodle size, and the Bernedoodle temperature as well. Let’s discuss these factors to know more about the Bernedoodle puppy’s birth after the water break.

Litter size

Litter size is an essential factor in determining the puppy’s timing of the first water break of the Bernedoodle. This whole process can take place in between 6 to 8 hours, depending upon the litter size of your Bernedoodle if a Bernedoodle has a litter size of around six puppies the time usually about 8 hours. But a Bernedoodle can take more are less time of the first water break depending upon the litter size. After the first water break, when the colored liquid emerges, the first baby will come. One pup will go quickly in a minute after the colored liquid.

Bernedoodle size

Usually, the bigger size Bernedoodles take much time after the first water break as compared to the smaller sizes. So if you have a standard size Bernedoodle as compared to the tiny size, it may take much time after a first water break.

Bernedoodle Temperature

Bernedoodle temperature is another factor that can tell you about the Bernedoodle puppy arrival after the first water break. Usually, the Bernedoodle temperature us high, but when the time of the puppy birth near, it’s dropped to average temperature. So you can check the puppy temperature to know about the puppy timing after the first water break.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the first water break is a perfect sign of the puppy arrival. A Bernedoodle can give birth within a maximum of 24 hours after the first water break. But sometimes it depends upon the Bernedoodle litter size. So whenever your Bernedoodle passes through the first water break, it is the indication of the puppy arrival.

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