How big is a tiny Bernedoodle? Micro Mini Bernedoodle

A tiny Bernedoodle is nothing other than an F1b Mini Bernedoodle. So we can say that a tiny Bernedoodle is 25% Bernese mountain dog and 75% Mini poodle. Sometimes breeders are also using the toy poodles to get the Tiny Bernedoodles. This is one of the reasons that people also have known them as the Micro Mini Bernedoodles. When we talk about the size of a tiny Bernedoodle, it mostly depends upon the size of its parents. Their size can vary in weight and height depending upon their parent’s size.

How big is a tiny Bernedoodle

When we talk about a tiny Bernedoodle weight, it can vary in the range of 10 to 24 pounds. Similarly, the height also changes in the range 12 to 17 inches depending upon the parents. The parent’s size is the most crucial factor that affects the Bernedoodle size. But there is some other factor as well which can affect the Bernedoodle size. We need to know about these factors well to know about how big a tiny Bernedoodle can get. Let’s discuss these factors to know more about tiny Bernedoodle size.


The health of a Bernedoodle can also play an essential role in its size. The Bernedoodles, which affected by any minor disease throughout their life, is usually weaker as compared to the healthier dogs. The healthier Bernedoodles typically get the maximum size range of a tiny Bernedoodle of 24 pounds weight with 17 inches height.


Food can also play a role in the size of your Bernedoodle. It would help if you gave a proper diet to your Bernedoodle, which is full of nutrition. Try to avoid this type of food, which can cause any digestive issue because a minor mistake can be responsible for a bigger change in your Bernedoodle size.


The environment of a Bernedoodle can also affect its size. Bernedoodles love to live in a moderate climate as compared to the too hot and too cold environment. So if you are living in a good weather condition location, you may have a good healthy dog as compared to other areas Bernedoodles.

Daily routine

The daily routines of a Bernedoodle can also play a role in the Bernedoodle look. The Bernedoodles with less playing and exercising activities has a different look as compared to the Bernedoodles which spend their maximum time in playing. The Bernedoodles, which don’t have any playing activity, can get overweight with less height.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that a tiny Bernedoodle size mostly depends upon the size of Bernedoodle parents. The size of a Bernedoodle can also be vary depending upon different other factors, as discussed above. Depending upon all other elements, a Bernedoodle can get a weight of 24 pounds with 17 inches height.

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