How much does it costs to feed a Bernedoodle? Depends upon size, growth, and food quality

The dogs are usually expensive pets as compared to many other pets. A little bit more investment is involved in pet dogs as compared to other pets. When we talk about the Bernedoodles, they can require more investment as compared to any different breed. It is a hybrid breed and requires special attention compared to many other breeds. A Bernedoodle yearly cost of many expenses can jump to around $10,000. So we can say the annual maintenance cost of Bernedoodle is more than double of the Bernedoodle price. These expenses include different things like feeding, grooming, training, exercising, and Bernedoodle checkups, etc.

How much does it costs to feed a Bernedoodle

When we talk about the feeding cost of a Bernedoodle, it can be more than any other expense of a Bernedoodle because a Bernedoodle is a special breed that required a specific amount and the type of food for its proper growth. They need a particular amount of nutrition to stay active and healthy. It is essential to provide high-quality food to a Bernedoodle. You need to deliver freshly made food to your Bernedoodle like a veterinary therapeutic diet or specially made fresh food. The food expenses of a Bernedoodle can vary from $250 to $700 per year, depending upon different factors. These factors include the Bernedoodle size, energy level, food quality, and the growth of your Bernedoodle as well. Let’s discuss these factors to know more about the feeding cost of a Bernedoodle.


The size is the major factor in the feeding cost of your Bernedoodle. The smaller size Bernedoodles required a less amount of the food as compared to the bigger size Bernedoodles. So we can say if you have a toy size Bernedoodle, you can expect a little lower expenses of the food ass compared to standard sizes.

Energy level

The higher energy level Bernedoodles require more amount of the food as compared to the lower energy level dogs. The energy level of the Bernedoodle is mostly dependent upon the environment and the weather condition. If the weather is moderate and your Bernedoodle is spending maximum time in playing and walking, it may require more amount of food as compared to regular days.

Food quality

Food quality also plays a role in the Bernedoodle cost. We know a Bernedoodle requires good quality food so that you can expect a little more expenses for a Bernedoodle ass compared to any other dog.

Bernedoodle growth

Sometimes the growth rate of a Bernedoodle is much higher as compared to the regular days.  Bernedoodle growth usually depends upon the age and environment of a Bernedoodle. During this period, a Bernedoodle requires a more amount of food as compared to other days, so your Bernedoodle feeding expenses can be a little higher during these days.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that Bernedoodle feeding expenses are higher as compared to any other breed. It can vary in the range of $250 to $700 per year depending upon different factors, as discussed above.

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