How much is a Bernedoodle Puppy? Factors effecting the Bernedoodle puppy cost

The Bernedoodle breeding was started in 2003, but when we compare it with another breed, its a relatively new breed. This dog’s family shows rapid growth in the popularity graph as compared to the other breeds. This rapid growth is due to their loving nature, playful nature, and allergy-friendly coat. All these quality factors reflect in the Bernedoodle price as well.

How much is a Bernedoodle puppy

It’s a difficult question to ask how much is a Bernedoodle puppy? Due to a lot of new breeders in the country. When we talk about the Bernedoodle puppy price, you generally need to pay $2500 to $5000 for a Bernedoodle puppy. The average price of the Bernedoodle puppy can be around $4000. Let’s see the different factors which can affect the Bernedoodle cost to know more about the Bernedoodle cost.


The color is one of the most important factors which generally affect the Bernedoodle cost. When we talk about the Bernedoodle color, it can be bi-color or tri-color Bernedoodle. The most expensive color among the Bernedoodle puppy is the tri-color Bernedoodle because it’s challenging to obtain the tri-color Bernedoodle as compared to the other colors.


Size is the second important factor in the Bernedoodle price. Usually, the smaller size Bernedoodles are more expensive as compared to the other sizes. The smaller size Bernedoodle has more life span and playful as compare to different sizes, which generally reflect in their price.


There are three different generations of the Bernedoodles, depending upon their parents. The F1 generation is more expensive as compared to the other generations. There is a big difference in the first and second generation of the Bernedoodles.

Breeder Experience

Breeder experience is an essential factor in the Bernedoodle price. The experienced breeder has more price for their Bernedoodles as compared to the new breeders. The experienced breeders Bernedoodles are better in all the factors as compared to the others.

Geographical location

Geographical location is also playing a role in the Bernedoodle puppy cost. Usually, when you are located near to your breeder, you will get your Bernedoodle at your home within a reasonable price range. The price of Bernedoodles in larger cities is usually high.

Gender difference

The female Bernedoodle puppies are higher in price as compared to the male puppies. The female Bernedoodle puppies require more maintenance cost as compared to the male.


From all the above discussion, we can see that there is much difference in the Bernedoodle cost when we compare the cost with the other breeders. These dogs usually are higher in price due to their lot of demand and difficulty in the breeding process. The success rate of this breeding generally increases in the past, but due to their lot of market, the price is still higher as compared to others.

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