How much is a mini Bernedoodle? Cost / Price of a Mini Bernedoodle?

The Bernedoodle dogs are the most expensive as compared to other breeds. The main reason for their high price is their demand. They are the more demanding dogs as compared to other breeds. When we talk about the Mini Bernedoodle cost, it’s no different from the standard and tiny Bernedoodles. All the sizes of the Bernedoodles almost have the same price. There can be a difference in price depending upon the breeder and location, but in general, all the puppies of the Bernedoodle have the same price range.

How much is a mini Bernedoodle

When we talk about the general price range of a Bernedoodle puppy, it’s around $4000. The Miniature Bernedoodle puppy is also around $4000. Their price range can also be vary depending upon a lot of other factors like color, generation, and coat type. All these factors play a role in the mall variation of the Bernedoodle price. Let’s discuss these factors to know how these factors affect the Bernedoodle cost.


The Bernedoodles comes in different bi and tri-colors depending upon their parents. But the tri-colors are the most beautiful and demanding colors in the Bernedoodles. Similarly, the most popular and demanding colors of the Miniature Bernedoodles are also the tri-color Bernedoodles. These colors are less common in the Bernedoodles, which is the one reason for their higher price.


The different generations of the Bernedoodles also play a role in the Miniature Bernedoodle cost. Second generation Miniature Bernedoodles usually are less in price as compared to the first generation Miniature Bernedoodles.

Coat type                                                                                                 

Bernedoodles come in three different coat types, which are straight, curly, and wavy coats. The curlier coat is more demanding in the people, so the curly coat Miniature Bernedoodles are a little expensive as compared to the other types. One main reason for the curlier coat demand is due to the wavy coat, which is very common in the Bernedoodles.

Breeder Experience

The different breeders‘ experience also plays a role in the F2 Miniature Bernedoodle cost. The more experienced breeders are usually higher prices of their Miniature Bernedoodles as compared to the new breeders. Because the experienced breeders Bernedoodles are less prone to health issues as compared to others.


All the above factors play a role in the Bernedoodle cost, especially the generation of the Bernedoodle. But still, their average cost doesn’t have much difference. So we can say that you can easily buy a Miniature Bernedoodle around the $4000 range. You can easily buy a Miniature Bernedoodle with any feature from the above list with an average range of $4000.



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