How often should you groom a Bernedoodle? Grooming depends upon coat type

The grooming of the Bernedoodle dog mostly depends upon the coat type of the Bernedoodle. Some coat types of Bernedoodles requires more regular brushing as compared to the others. When we talk about the Bernedoodles coat type, they have mainly three coat types, curly Coat, wavy Coat, and straight Coat. All these coats have their advantage and disadvantages.

How often should you groom the Bernedoodle

These types mostly depend upon the breeding genetics of the Bernedoodle parents. The other coat type of the Bernedoodle is IC affected or improper Coat, which is very rare in the Bernedoodles. Let’s discuss these coat types know more about the Bernedoodle grooming.

Curly Coat

The Curly Coat is mostly less found in the Bernedoodles as compared to the wavy Coat. This Coat is mainly found in the second generation of the Bernedoodle, but it can also be found in first-generation Bernedoodles. The curlier Coat has mostly resembled the poodle coat so you can treat the Coat like the poodle coat. The curlier Coat needs brushing and combing every day to prevent mats. To do this, you must buy a good brush for your Bernedoodle.

Wavy Coat

The Coat is the mostly found coat type in the Bernedoodles. The wavy coat type is mainly found in the first generation of the Bernedoodles. It’s good that mostly Bernedoodle has this Coat because this type of Coat doesn’t require the combing and brushing every day. You can comb or brush your wavy Coat Bernedoodle once or twice a week.

Straight Hair Coat

The third one is the straight hair Bernedoodles, which has just straight hairs as compared to the improper Bernedoodles. It’s mean that this type of Bernedoodles gets the straight hair genes from their parents. When we talk about the grooming of these Bernedoodles, it’s easy to brush and comb the straight hairs. Moreover, you can comb or brush your straight hair Bernedoodle once a week.

IC affected or improper Coat

IC affected or improper Coat is the coat type that doesn’t have the signature long hairs on the face. Moreover, they don’t have a long beard, eyebrows, and mustache. We can say that there is nothing wrong with these dogs genetically. They don’t get the classic look of the Bernedoodles. They don’t require regular grooming like the above coat types. Their small hairs don’t need to be groomed regularly. Moreover, this type of Bernedoodles usually shed more as compared to the others.

Grooming tips

Grooming of your Bernedoodle is necessary to prevent mats and shedding. You can easily make a strong bond with your Bernedoodle by grooming. You can buy some items which include the brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, nail trimmer, and a high-velocity blow dryer. Moreover, You can use these items at home to correctly groom your Bernedoodle.


We have seen that the grooming of the Bernedoodle is mostly dependent upon the coat type of the Bernedoodle. The curlier Coat requires more frequent grooming as compared to the other types. So you can buy a Bernedoodle accordingly.

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