How should a Bernedoodle be groomed? Basic Bernedoodle grooming tips and styles

Bernedoodle is a mixed dog of Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. This dog comes in a variety of color and coat types depending upon their parents. To maintain the beauty of their coat and overall look, you need proper care of their coat.

How should a Bernedoodle be groomed

You don’t need a ton of attention to groom your Bernedoodle dog; you just need to focus on preventing the Bernedoodle dog coat from mats because many serious causes just started from the Bernedoodle coat mats. Let’s see some essential devices to groom your Bernedoodle to prevent it from any serious issues.

Basic Grooming Tips

  • Brushing is a fundamental and essential tip about the Bernedoodle grooming, which can prevent your Bernedoodle from many serious issues. You should brush your Bernedoodle coat two to three times in a week to avoid your Bernedoodle from tangles and mats. Get the best brush available online or in the market for your Bernedoodle. This is the best way to keep the fur fresh and healthy. Some types of Bernedoodle fur need some special attention like the curlier fur to prevent mats and tangles. These types of fur get the tangles early as compared to other types. So you can go for daily brushing for this type of fur.
  • Bathing is also essential for any Bernedoodle to keep your Bernedoodle fresh and healthy, but make sure to give bath your Bernedoodle after every three months. Because over bathing can also strip out the natural oil from the coat, which keeps the Bernedoodle coat and skin moisturized.
  • You need to go for any professional groomer every 3 to 4 months to maintain the best look of your Bernedoodle. You need to check the ears of your Bernedoodle regularly to make sure that they are free from any infection. The professional groomer also checks the nails of your Bernedoodle if they required trimming.
  • When you groom your Bernedoodle like the above procedure, it can also strengthen your bonding with your Bernedoodle dog. When your bonding is too strong with your Bernedoodle, you can also introduce the teeth brushing of your Bernedoodle. Although it is not too familiar for the Bernedoodle dogs, it can be the best way to keep your Bernedoodle healthy.

Bernedoodle haircuts

Whenever you go for a professional groomer, you can ask it for any good looking haircuts according to the season. These haircuts also help your Bernedoodle to adjust in the environment according to the season comfortably. Let’s discuss the two famous hairstyles, the winter haircut, and the summer haircut.

  • The first one is the winter haircut, which keeps the coif a little on the longer side, fur on the face, and chest clipped out about an inch all over. The length of the hairs on the other parts of the body will be 3 inches. The legs and neck can be shaped with perfect styles.
  • The second one is the summer haircut, which keeps cool your Bernedoodle in the summer heat. In this style, a 7 to 8 inches comb is used all over the body. You can leave the hairs on the tail longer as compared to the other body parts.

So we can say that the Bernedoodle grooming styles and timing mostly depend upon the environment and the season. You can groom your Bernedoodle accordingly.

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