How to groom a Bernedoodle at home? Essential to prevent the Bernedoodle coat from matting and hygiene

Bernedoodle grooming comes with different kinds of challenges, but it is necessary to prevent the Bernedoodle coat from matting and hygiene. Due to its specialized breeding, Bernedoodle needs a special kind of attention to maintain its look. We know Bernedoodles has three different types of coats, and every type of coat needs a different kind of care. Let’s first see the three different types of coats to understand about the Bernedoodle grooming.

How to groom a Bernedoodle at home

The first one is the straight coat, which is relatively shed more as compared to any other coat type. This type has a slight wave on the coat. Moreover, this coat doesn’t need a lot of attention like the different types.

The second one is the wavy coat type, which is the most common in the Bernedoodles. This type of coat is don’t gets the mats too early, so you don’t need to worry about it.

The third one is the curly coat types. This is the best coat type for the people who has any allergy suffers. But this type of coat is more prone to the mats. So this type of coat needs regular brushing. Let’s see the different steps to groom the Bernedoodle at home.

Step by step guide for Bernedoodle grooming at home 

Bernedoodle grooming is not just necessary for your Bernedoodle to feel fresh; it also increases the bonding with your Bernedoodle. You can follow the following steps for the Bernedoodle grooming at home.


You can start the grooming process by the inspection of the full body of the Bernedoodle. See if there are any patches on the Bernedoodle body. You can remove out these patches from the Bernedoodle body. This step can also help you to remove any dead hair from the Bernedoodle body.


The second important thing is the brushing of the Bernedoodle. You need to brush your Bernedoodle 2 to 3 times per week to prevent it from mats. The daily brushing of your Bernedoodle is the best way to keep fresh your Bernedoodle. You don’t need to go to a professional groomer for regular brushing.


The third important thing is about the bathing of the Bernedoodle. But the regular bathing of the Bernedoodles is not enjoyable. Regular bathing can dry their skin, which is not suitable for them—the only bath your Bernedoodle when it’s too ugly and needs a bath. The perfect timing for the Bernedoodle bathing is after every 3 to 4 months.

Cleaning eyes and ears

Whenever you remove any hair patches, try to use the grooming wipes for the Bernedoodle eyes and ears to remove any hair. Moreover, you can also use this type of grooming wipes once a week to keep the Bernedoodle eyes and ears clean.

Nail clipping 

The long dog nails can cause any issue for the dogs and you as well. The main long nail issue is reflected in the Bernedoodles walking, which can lead then some severe problems. Try to check the Bernedoodle regularly to prevent it from any damage. Although the nail clipping at home can be a challenging task, you can be done with the great bonding with your Bernedoodle.


Shaving is another essential task for the Bernedoodles, but it mostly depends upon you. If you want any professional style for your Bernedoodle, you can take it to the groomers. But if you don’t want any unique style, you can do it home.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the Bernedoodle grooming can be done at home with the above-described steps. You can also go to the professional groomer if you want any unique shaving styles for your Bernedoodle.

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