How to groom a long haired Bernedoodle? Essential to maintain their beautiful coat

Bernedoodles are the cross between the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle and have hairs as compared to the fur. Their long hair tricolor coat is one of the main reasons for getting the popularity of these dogs. Moreover, their long hair coat is also one reason for which the people mostly arises a question that “is the Bernedoodle need grooming?” Yes, due to their long hair with different types, they need proper care and grooming to maintain their beautiful coat. You need to groom your Bernedoodle regularly at your home.

How to groom long haired Bernedoodle

Moreover, you need to visit the professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain your Bernedoodle look. This is the rough period of the professional groomer; you can also visit the groomer depending upon the growth of your Bernedoodle hairs. You can be done the proper routine brushing, combing, and bathing of your Bernedoodle at home to keep your Bernedoodle coat healthy, and to prevent any kind of damaging mats. Always prefer the best brush for your Bernedoodle grooming, never buy cheap brushes.

The Bernedoodle coat can come in three different coat types like straight, wavy, and curly coat. You need to treat your Bernedoodle accordingly to maintain its look. The straight coat sheds typically more than the others. The wavy coat is easy to brush and get less mating as compared to others. The curly coat is one of the coat that need more regular brushing. Let’s see some other grooming tips for your long hair Bernedoodle.

Tips for long hair Bernedoodle grooming

  • The mats are not more than a little inconvenience, but these are very uncomfortable for the dog. All the above-discussed coats can get the mats if you don’t care about your Bernedoodle. Some people think that only curly hair needs regular brushing, but make sure to brush your other coat types Bernedoodle also on daily bases to prevent the mats. You need to thoroughly brush or comb your Bernedoodle irrespective of only on the above skin. The length of the Bernedoodle hairs is one of the main factors in the frequency of Bernedoodle brushing.
  • You can also go to the professional groomer for a proper haircut for your Bernedoodle dog. In some states, people don’t know about breeding, so you must take some Bernedoodle haircut pictures with you according to the season. You can easily find plenty of photos on the internet. The most common haircuts of the Bernedoodles are known as the winter haircut and the summer haircut.
  • The third tip is about the bathing of the Bernedoodle. Bathing is essential for Bernedoodles to stay active and healthy. But you can’t bath your Bernedoodle too early as well because you can strip the coat of its protective oils, which is necessary to maintain its skin and coat health. So due to this disadvantage, the recommended bathing period for the Bernedoodle is after three to four-month. In some cases, you can give bath your Bernedoodle early, especially when your Bernedoodle stays outside in the water or mud.


So the main grooming tips for the long hair Bernedoodle include brushing, combing, bathing, and hairstyling. You can go for these grooming things for your Bernedoodle in a specified range.

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