What does a Bernedoodle puppy with straight coat look like as adult? Completely different look as an adult

When we talk about the Bernedoodles coat type, they can come in three different coats. The three coats are wavy, curly, and straight coat. The most common coat among the Bernedoodles is a wavy coat. The curly coat also comes in many Bernedoodles, but the straight coat is very less in Bernedoodles as compared to others.

What does a Bernedoodle puppy with straight coat look like as adult

The straight coat of the Bernedoodles has mostly resembled the Bernese mountain dog. But most of the Bernedoodles get the coat genes from the poodle, so maximum Bernedoodles come in a wavy and curly coat. At the time of the puppy birth, we can’t easily judge the coat type of the Bernedoodle. But with the puppy growth after some time, we can decide the coat type of a Bernedoodles. Let’s see how the puppy color look like an adult?

Puppy coat looks like an adult

When we talk about the straight hair Bernedoodles, it may not be completely straight hairs. There will be a little wave on straight hair. But still, this type coat is called the straight or flat coat. Moreover, the length of the straight hair Bernedoodles is significant because you need proper grooming and care of straight hair Bernedoodles depending on their length. The length of the straight hair Bernedoodles is mostly dependent upon the length of their parent’s coat hairs. These hair type Bernedoodles shed the most among other types and least hypoallergenic as compared to other Bernedoodles.

All the sizes of the Bernedoodles can come in the straight type hairs depending upon the coat of their parents. Moreover, all the sizes of the Bernedoodles can have different looks as an adult depending upon their sizes. Mostly straight hair Bernedoodle has long hairs on the face and a little shorter hair on the other body.

The look of the straight hair Bernedoodle also depends upon the grooming of your Bernedoodles. Some people like the long hairs of their straight hair Bernedoodle above the eyes. Similarly, some people also like the different length straight hairs of their Bernedoodles on the different parts of the body. You can also make any particular style for your straight hair Bernedoodle from the professional groomer.

An adult straight hair Bernedoodle coat can look completely different from its early age coat. So we can say the coat look of any Bernedoodle is changed with the age of the Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the straight hair Bernedoodle looks as an adult can vary depending upon its grooming and many other factors. But many people like the long straight hairs on the above eye part of their Bernedoodles. Moreover, the straight hair coat in the Bernedoodle is not entirely straight; there is a little wave on it. The straight coat in the Bernedoodles in less common as compared to a wavy and curly coat.

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