What Mix is a Bernedoodle Dog? Complete Guide

The Bernedoodle mix is a cross between Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. This cross is done to obtain an intelligent and perfect loyalty dog for the families. This dog is mainly bred to get an ideal friend and a companion dog for the families. But except for this, these dogs are also beautiful and attractive as compared to many other dogs.

All the Bernedoodles can be different from each other irrespective of the same procedure of crossing. So when you are looking for a perfect Bernedoodle for your family, always choose a good breeder who can provide you the best Bernedoodle according to your nature and desires.

What is a Bernedoodle mix
What is a Bernedoodle mix?

Choose Good Breeder

We have just focused on the excellent breeder because, in the most recent time, many breeders cross the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle without knowing anything about them. Due to which a lot of health problems, temperament issues, and many other things happens. Moreover, poorly bred dogs are the most stubborn and skittish. That is why many people ask us this question “Are bernedoodle good dogs?” As we know, most of the things in Bernedoodles are inherited from their parents.

Let’s know about their parents to know something more about this breed.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dog is a male dog that takes part in this breed with the female poodle. These dogs are incredibly loyal and attach to their owners. These dogs don’t have any issues with the kids, and they dedicate entirely to their families. Sometimes it’s tough for the families after the death of these dogs due to their small life span. Moreover, on the other hand, it’s also challenging for the dogs to change their family once they adjust to a family. These dogs are also known as a learner with the people.

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These dogs are also beautiful with their tri-color coat. It is a powerful and intelligent dog that needs moderate exercise daily. The most common diseases in the Bernese mountain dogs are hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, and heart diseases. Cancer is the most common cause of death in the Bernese mountain dog. These dogs typically have a life span of around seven years, which is very shocking for their families. Sometimes these dogs can be built a stubborn and skittish behavior due to lack of proper attention.

The Poodle Dog

The poodle is the female parent in the Bernedoodle mix. When we talk about intelligence, these dogs rank higher as compared to the Bernese mountain dog. You can efficiently train these dogs due to their intellectual nature. It can be a perfect choice for allergies due to its non-shedding coat. The poodle’s dog is very goofy and funny. Moreover, due to their intelligence and leering behavior, many people use these dogs in the circus in the past. They are known as family dogs and don’t get many marks on the outdoor activities scale.

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Colors and Sizes

These dogs come in a variety of colors and sizes. As compared to many other dogs, the poodle has only a single layer coat. These dogs normally behave well in a busy environment where they get a lot of attention. They are very alert and known for barking on any little disturbance. The serious health problems related to poodles are skin, eyes, and digestive diseases, and immune system issues. They are usually smaller in size as compared to Bernese mountain dog but has more life span as compared to them.

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