When to Spay Bernedoodle? Spaying Guide for both Male & Female dogs

You guys were asking us when to spay bernedoodle? Spaying of a Bernedoodle dog is referred to as the removal of the reproductive organ. The other term which is used for this purpose is also known as the neutering. But people use neutering for the male Bernedoodles. Neutering is referred to as the removal of the male testicles. But when we talk about the spaying, this term is specially used for the removal of the female reproductive organ.

Spaying time is also critical to prevent female Bernedoodle from any health issue and muscle weakness. Sometimes people recommended that when the Bernedoodles pass through three heat cycles, then spayed it to prevent it from the risk of cancer.

when to spay Bernedoodle

Spayed Bernedoodles Live longer:

Spayed Bernedoodles live longer and healthier. It is also suitable for the owners, especially for the family Bernedoodles, to prevent them from unwanted puppies. Sometimes people don’t spay Bernedoodles due to cost factors.

But you need to think that spaying referred to as only one-time cost as compared to many other health and carrying issues without spaying. Time is also essential, as discussed above.

Different factors can play a role in your Bernedoodle spaying. These factors include the heat cycles, size, age, and health of your Bernedoodle. Let’s discuss these factors to know more about the spaying time of the female Bernedoodle.

Heat cycles                                                      

Heat cycles are the common factors irrespective of the Bernedoodle age and size. You can observe your Bernedoodle to see the heat cycles. When you think your Bernedoodle passes through the three heat cycles, it can be the perfect time of female Bernedoodle spaying. Females usually cry and show nervous behavior during these cycles. In this situation, females attract unwanted males. You need to clean your house during these heat cycles.


The size of a female Bernedoodle can also play a role in the time of spaying. For example, a standard female Bernedoodle can be spay earlier as compared to toy female Bernedoodle. Usually, standard Bernedoodle heat cycles are observed more first as compared to Miniature and toy sizes.


Age is another factor that can play a role in your female Bernedoodle spaying. Usually, Bernedoodle spaying occurs at the age of 6 to 12 months, depending upon their diet, weather, and environment.


The health of a Bernedoodle can also play a role in the saying time of your Bernedoodle because spaying can reduce the growth of your female Bernedoodle muscles. So if you think your female Bernedoodles gets the strong muscles, this can be dome earlier as compared weaker muscles Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that spaying of Bernedoodle is essential to prevent it from unwanted puppies. The spaying timing can be vary depending upon different factors, but the main thing is the heat cycles of your female Bernedoodle. You can observe your female Bernedoodle for the perfect time.

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