Where to buy a Bernedoodle? Complete Guide For Buyers

Finding a puppy Bernedoodle can be a hard task due to different kinds of newly available breeders. Although they get the maximum of their traits from their parents, these dogs are more famous among the people due to their hypoallergenic coat. Due to their hypoallergenic coat, many people want to buy these dogs, especially those people who have allergies from the dogs.

Where to buy a Bernedoodle
Where to buy a Bernedoodle

These people need to thanks Sherry Rupke, who is the first breeder of the Bernedoodles and also a proud owner of the “SwissRidge Kennels.” Bernedoodle is not only hypoallergenic dog, but it’s also inherited the many other useful features from their parents like intelligence, good look, and friendly nature.

There are a lot of Bernedoodle breeders those are offering their Bernedoodle puppies through online platform. You need to fill out their forms online and order your puppy. But make sure to choose a well-experienced breeder to buy a puppy. Let’s talk about some good experienced Bernedoodle breeders, mainly in the USA and Canada. A worldwide list is available at the end of the post.

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Hoosier Canines

Hoosier Canines are located in the Indiana state of the USA. It is a small family that has a business of Bernedoodles dog breeding. They owned an 11-acre farm for the dogs breeding. When we talk about their unique Bernedoodle breeds, it includes the F1 standard Bernedoodle and Goldendoodles. There every puppy goes through proper training. They also ensure the puppy health with appropriate testing.

Visit Hoosiers site

Prize poodles and doodles 

The prize poodles and doodles are located in the Kentucky state of the USA. A small family also owns this business of the dog breeds. These puppies are very famous all over the USA and Canada as well. They have a 20-acre farm for the dog breed. Their dogs are very famous for perfectly adjusting to any family.

Visit Prize Poodles & Doodles  site

Rocky Road Doodles 

Rocky Road Doodles are located in the Utah state of the USA. The main focus of the Rocky Road Doodles is to provide a perfect temperament Bernedoodle dog for the families. They are very famous for discussing the ideal puppy for your family. All their puppies are specially developed in the socialized environment to adjust in the families easily.

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Walnut Valley Puppies

The walnut Valley Puppies are located in the Illinois state of the USA. A small family also operates this form. When we talk about their exceptional puppies, they include the F1 and F1b generation Bernedoodles. The most popular colors of their Bernedoodles breed are black, white, and tri-color Bernedoodles. All their puppies are healthy and tested for the best health.

Visit Walnut Valley Puppies site

SwissRidge Kennels

SwissRidge Kennels located in Canada. This form is owned by the Sherry Rupke as discussed above; she is the first lady to breed the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. Although they are located in Canada, there are a lot of their clients from the USA. They take care of almost everything about the Bernedoodles, including health testing, health records, and their parent’s record as well.

Here is the complete list of all the best Bernedoodle Breeders around the world.

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