Where to buy Bernedoodle puppies? Breeder’s Information

Finding a perfect Bernedoodle puppy is not less than a challenge due to a lot of new breeders. When we talk about buying the Bernedoodle puppies, the central place to find out the Bernedoodle puppy is the online place. There are a lot of breeders available who provide their services online.

Check out our list of top bernedoodle breeders around the world.

You can easily see the variety of their Bernedoodle puppies on the online platform. But make sure to visit their Farm as well if their Farm is near you. The most experienced and good breeders also encourage you to visit their Farm.

Let’s discuss some famous breeders where you can quickly found the Bernedoodle puppies.

Where to buy the Bernedoodle puppies
Where to buy the Bernedoodle puppies

SwissRidge Kennel

When we talk about the most experienced breeders, no one can beat the SwissRidge Kennel breeders. They are the most experienced breeders who started breeding in 2003. Although their Farm is in Canada, you can easily buy the puppy from them. They have several clients in the USA as well. They are known for the best Bernedoodles as compared to the other breeders. Moreover, if you are looking for a variety of Bernedoodle with different colors and sizes, you can visit their online store.

Archer Hill Farm

Archer hill is a family-owned Farm which is in the Minnesota state of the USA. They are famous for their standard, Mini, and Petite Bernedoodles. Their puppies are specially trained to adjust to any family as a family member easily. They raised all their Bernedoodle puppies in the family to make them best socialized Bernedoodles. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about health issues as well; they test their Bernedoodle parents before breeding.

Bernedoodle for you

Bernedoodle for you” is also a small home-based breeder.  They are in the Missouri state of the USA. Their famous Bernedoodles are the first generation Bernedoodle breeders. The health test all their puppies to provide you a perfectly healthy puppy. Their puppies are famous as service and therapy dogs.

Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles

Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles are located in the Colorado state of the USA. They are famous for the teddy bear Bernedoodles and produce the first generation Bernedoodles and Australian Bernedoodles. Moreover, the health tests their dogs before crossing to ensure their puppies’ good health. You can also put your puppy in their complete training program for full training.

Rocky Road Doodles

The Rocky Road Doodles is located in the Utah state of the USA. They are mostly focused on the more demanded tri-color Bernedoodles. They are happy to provide you a perfect puppy according to your nature. Their puppies are specially raised within the family environment, which makes these dogs socialize.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there are a lot of breeders are there which are specialized in producing some particular type of Bernedoodles. You can search accordingly and visit their online stores to buy a perfect puppy for yourself.

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