Why is my Bernedoodle shedding? Depends upon different coat types

The shedding of any dog is essential. But when we talk about a family dog, it’s become more critical, because every family wants a non-shedding dog that easily adjusts in their family. When we talk about the Bernedoodles, they have the quality of low-shedding to non-shedding coats. This is the one reason for their more demand in the families. But still, these dogs can also shed depending upon their different coats. If your Bernedoodle sheds more, you may have a straight hair Bernedoodle. Because of straight hair, Bernedoodles shed more as compared to wavy and curly coat. Curly coat shed minimum as compared to any other types.

why my Bernedoodle shedding

A curly coat Bernedoodle sheds on itself as compared to shedding on your floor and furniture. That’s why the curlier coat more demanded among the peoples. Sometimes the shedding is due to the brushing of the Bernedoodle, and the people think that Bernedoodle is shedding. You need to understand that this shedding is just due to brushing. There can be some other factors that can be responsible for your Bernedoodle shedding. Let’s discuss these factors to know why your Bernedoodle is shedding.


Weather can play a role in the shedding of your Bernedoodle. Especially in the hot weather, your Bernedoodle can be shed more as compared to moderate and cold weather. Bernedoodles don’t like the warm climate and always feel disturbed in this climate. This disturbance can be responsible for their more shedding as compared to the usual.


Grooming can also play a role in shedding of your Bernedoodle. The longer hair Bernedoodles sheds more as compared to shorter hairs. So it would be best if you had the regular grooming of your Bernedoodle to prevent it from more shedding issues. Make sure to give a bath to your Bernedoodle after 5 to 6 months. But don’t over bathe your Bernedoodle, it can also be responsible for your Bernedoodle more shedding. Because over bathing can remove the protective oil layer from the Bernedoodle.


The Bernedoodles usually are hypoallergenic. But sometimes they get some skin allergies from the harmful environment. These skin allergies can be responsible for the loss of strength of the Bernedoodle hairs. This loss of strength ultimately leads towards the Bernedoodle shedding. If you think your Bernedoodle is shedding due to allergic reactions, you can take your Bernedoodle to the veterinarian.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that normally Bernedoodles don’t shed more as compared to many other breeds. But still, they have a little bit chance of shedding depending upon some factors. These factors include weather, grooming, and Allergic reactions. If you think your Bernedoodle is shedding more as compared to normal, you can observe your Bernedoodle taking these factors in mind.

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