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Bernedoodle is a hybrid breed as compared to the other normal breeds. The Bernedoodle dog is a cross between Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. The Bernedoodle dog is a Swiss breed and the poodle is a German breed. Bernedoodle inherit all the best traits from the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. Some people also miss-spelled the Bernedoodle dogs as a Burma Doodle and Bernadoodle. The most demanding cross in the US, Canada, and the UK is Bernese mountain dog poodle cross.


The first known cross between the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle is done in 2003 by the Sherry Rupke. She is the first lady who internationally crosses this pair for the first time. The main reason for this cross is to obtain a perfect combination of Bernese look and poodle intelligence. She wanted to minimize the health issues related to the poodle. Currently, she is the most experienced breeder of the Bernedoodle dogs with their farm named “SwissRidge Kennel.”


  • These dogs come in different bi and tri-colors depending upon their parent’s colors. Most of the Bernedoodles come in the combination of black and white color. The bi-colors includes black and brown, black and white. The tri-colors includes the tri-color Merle, tri-color phantom, and tri-color sable.
  • The Bernedoodle dog comes in three different sizes, standard, miniature, and toy depending upon the different sizes of the poodle. Today, they use another term for any kind of miniature Bernedoodles, which is known as “Teacup Bernedoodles.”
  • The breeders don’t stop at the first cross; they further cross the first generation Bernedoodles to get the second-generation Bernedoodles. These generations of the Bernedoodles are known as F1, F1b, F2, and F2b generations.
  • These dogs have many other common features as well, e.g., their body is compact, they have medium to long hair, and they have a bushy tail, long hanging ear, and hypoallergenic coat.
  • Temperamentally the Bernedoodle dogs are very strong and can adjust in the families very quickly. These dogs can easily become the partners of your kids. Moreover, they can also adjust to other pets due to their social behavior.
  • These dogs have less health as compared to the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle if they are breed by an experienced breeder. But sometimes due to lack of experience, they can cause some minor diseases.


So from all the above discussion, we can conclude that this is not a normal breed. To obtain a perfect Bernedoodle, they cross two different dogs with outstanding features.


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