Teddy Bear Bernedoodle

The Teddy bear Bernedoodle is the Bernedoodle, which has both Bernedoodle Parents as compared to other types that have poodle as a female. Some people also know these Bernedoodles as mutagens. We can also call them the f2b Bernedoodles. When we talk about their parents, they are the cross between f1 Bernedoodle and f1b Bernedoodles.

Moreover, people also called these Bernedoodles, the “teddy bear Bernedoodle” due to their shaggy coats, just like the bear. The teddy bear Bernedoodles can have different sizes depending upon their parents.


When we talk about the teddy bear Bernedoodles price, it can be different depending upon the breeder. There is not much difference in their prices. Sometimes, a sudden jump in prices has been observed by buyers, which is mainly due to increasing demand and lack of production.

Temperament, health condition, and weight can also vary depending upon the parent’s size and health condition. Let’s discuss with their parents to know more about the teddy bear Bernedoodles.

F1 Generation Bernedoodles

The F1 generation is the first generation of the Bernedoodles, where the puppy is obtained by the cross between the Bernese mountain dog and the Poodle. So we can say that the F1 generation is 50% Bernese mountain dog and 50% poodle. When we talk about the health of the first-generation Bernedoodles, they are the healthiest among all the types due to the natural crossing.

Moreover, f1 generation Bernedoodles are more hypoallergenic dogs as compared to other types.

F1 generation of the Bernedoodle comes in different colors, sizes, scoats, and heights depending upon their parents. Moreover, their price can also vary, mainly depending upon the breeders. These are the best Bernedoodles for dander allergic owners. So we can conclude that these are the best among all the Bernedoodles due to natural crossing.

F1b Generation Bernedoodles

F1b is the next generation of the F1 Bernedoodles, where an F1 generation male Bernedoodles dog cross with a poodle female to produce the F1b generation Bernedoodles. So we can say that F1b generation Bernedoodle is 75% poodle and 25% Bernese mountain dog. This generation of the Bernedoodles is more hypoallergenic as compared to the F1 generation. So this dog is recommended for people who have an allergy to dog hairs and dander.

When we talk about the health of the f1b generation Bernedoodles, they may have some genetic disorders as compared to f1 generation Bernedoodles. This Generation of the Bernedoodle can also have different colors, sizes, and heights depending upon their parents. Their price can also vary, mainly depending upon the breeders.

Physical Characteristics

Let’s talk about the main characteristics of  Teddy:

1. Size

A teddy bear Bernedoodle can be different in size, as we have discussed above. They can’t get too big, like the Bernese mountain dog. So these are the perfect four-leg family members to adjust in your family. The size of the teddy bear Bernedoodle mostly depends upon the parent’s size. Some breeders have a little bigger size f1 and f1b Bernedoodles, which generally affect the teddy bear Bernedoodle size.

We can divide the teddy bear Bernedoodle into three categories depending upon their size.

  1. The first one is the Miniature teddy bear Bernedoodle. To understand them, you must know about miniature Bernedoodles. Miniature teddy bear Bernedoodle can have 18-22 inches in height and 25 to 49 pounds in weight.
  2. Simultaneously, a Standard teddy bear Bernedoodle can have 23-29 inches in height with 70 to 90 pounds in weight.
  3. There is another type known as the Micro-mini teddy bear Bernedoodle, which can have 5-10 pounds weight.

So we can say the teddy bear Bernedoodle is a perfect family dog with a lot of sizes and a shaggy coat.

2. Coat

Teddy Bear Bernedoodle coat is extraordinary as compared to other Bernedoodles, as discussed above. Their name comes from their shaggy coat. Moreover, their fur can have different colors depending upon their parent’s color. A teddy bear Bernedoodle can have white, black, and brown colors. These three are the most common colors of the teddy bear Bernedoodles, but a teddy bear Bernedoodle can have many other colors depending upon their parents.

A Teddy Bear Bernedoodle can have a single, bi, or tri-color. The most common are tri-color Bernedoodles, which have white, black, and brown colors. The teddy bear Bernedoodles has a more curly and shaggy coat as compared to other Bernedoodles. Moreover, their coat is more hypoallergenic as compared to other Bernedoodles. It is a perfect family dog to prevent allergic issues. Whenever you buy a teddy bear Bernedoodle, don’t judge the coat color too early, the teddy bear coat color has small changes depending upon their life period.

3. Temperament

Teddy Bear Bernedoodles are temperamentally very strong. These dogs are brilliant, calm, quiet, social, affectionate, and goofy. Teddy Bear Bernedoodles are perfect companions, and they are very friendly with strangers and children.

Moreover, these dogs are easy to train due to their intelligent nature. These dogs are also very emotional and can have tears when they feel disappointed. They can be your best companions on your short trips and walks.

Training and Carrying

Training and carrying are essential for every dog, especially when you are looking for a family dog. Because you always want a well-trained and healthy dog in your family. The carrying of the Teddy bear Bernedoodle becomes a little difficult for some people due to their long and shaggy coats. But it’s not that difficult to handle a teddy bear Bernedoodle, due to their intelligent nature.

Teddy Bear Bernedoodle Food

Teddy Bear Bernedoodle needs the proper amount of nutrition to grow healthy and strong. These dogs’ nutrition needs can be different depending upon their size. For the protein source, you can use the most liked dog food like boiled potatoes, pumpkin, rice, and yogurt.

There are different food formulas available in stores for Bernedoodle puppies. You can use these food formulas for your puppies. Moreover, some people also prefer homemade food for their Bernedoodle puppies. Whatever source of food you are using, make sure to complete the puppy nutrition needs.

Training of Teddy Bear Bernedoodle


If you are looking for a family dog, the dog’s training is necessary to adjust to your family. You need to train your teddy bear Bernedoodle for all the usual daily tasks to make it easy for you.

You can train your dog for various tasks like eating manners, potty training, and barking timing. When we talk about the teddy bear Bernedoodles, they are brilliant dogs, and it’s effortless to train these dogs. Just make sure to start the training during the dog’s early life. Some breeders also arrange initial training programs for their puppies. If you don’t have the time, you can put your dog in these training programs.

Exercising of the Teddy Bear Bernedoodle

Exercising is also vital for every dog, especially for family dogs, which mostly spend their time in the house. Teddy bear dogs love short trips. You can take your teddy bear with you during walks. Moreover, you can also provide them the small toys to play with them.

These are love to play with your little children. If you are taking your dogs for a trip, make sure to avoid long trips. These dogs can heat up due to excessive walks, which can affect their health.

Teddy Bear Bernedoodle Health

Teddy Bear Bernedoodle has fewer chances of any disease than their parents, and they are healthier than their parents. Due to cross-breeding, the chances of many inherited diseases are minimized. Still, there are chances of some diseases in the Teddy bear Bernedoodles like hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, and heart issues. For example, the cancer cases of Bernedoodles are low as compared to the Bernese mountain dogs. Moreover, you need to take special care of your Teddy bear Bernedoodle dog in cold and hot weather.

Don’t over-exercise your Teddy Bear, especially in hot weather, to prevent them from any serious health issues. Moreover, you can also check the parent’s certificates of the puppy to make sure about the puppy’s health.

Pros and Cons of  Teddy Bear


  • Teddy Bear Bernedoodles inherited the intelligence from their parents.
  • Due to the natural crossing of the F1 and F1b generation, they are less likely to inherit any disease from their parents. Moreover, the percentage of cancer in teddy bear Bernedoodles is minimum as compared to other Bernedoodles.
  • Their Hypoallergenic coat makes them very special as compared to other types.
  • They are the best dogs for the children and family.
  • They are the perfect pets at your home, like the cat or a parrot. These dogs are very friendly.
  • Cuteness is overloaded in these dogs as clear from their name as well.
  • Teddy bear dogs are the best exercise partners for you.


  • These dogs hate to stay in one place the whole day and get bored they also need daily walks, which sometimes becomes harder for the people due to their busy routine.
  • These dogs have fewer sheds with curly hair. So it would help if you do proper carrying of their coat. These dogs required proper grooming once a month.
  • Prices are high as they are the most demanded dog from breeders.

How big can a Teddy Bear Bernedoodle get?

As we discussed above, the Teddy Bear Bernedoodles can have different sizes depending upon their parents’ size. The proper food and carrying also play a role in teddy Bear Bernedoodle’s height. A full-grown teddy bear Bernedoodle can get the weight in 20 to 50 pounds depending upon the parent’s weight. Moreover, their height can vary from 18 to 29 inches.

What is the life span of a TeddyBear Bernedoodle?

The life span of a Teddy Bear Bernedoodle generally depends upon its size. The bigger sizes of Bernedoodles have less life period as compared to small sizes. Because the Teddy Bear typically has a small size, its life period is also higher than other Bernedoodles.

Some bigger sizes of the Teddy live 10 to 12 years while the mini sizes of the teddy Bear Bernedoodle live up to 15 years.

Are the Teddy Bear Bernedoodles completely hypoallergenic?

As we discuss above, these dogs are Hypoallergenic and perfect for allergic people. Any dog can’t wholly be hypoallergenic. When we compare the Teddy Bear Bernedoodles with the other types, they are less allergic. So we can say, when you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog for your family, these are the best ones among all the types.

How to choose the best breeder for Teddy Bear Bernedoodle?

There are different breeders available who are offering the Teddy bear Bernedoodles. Finding the best one is not less than a challenge.  You need to focus on the following points:

  • Is the breeder has excellent reviews for their previous sales?
  • Is the breeder has any knowledge about Bernedoodle breeding?
  • The breeder is willing to show you the Parents of the puppy.
  • Is the breeder ready to help you after the puppy purchase as well?
  • Is the breeder has the health certificates of the puppy’s parents?
  • Does a breeder have proper form for his breeding business?
  • Is the breeder provide all the necessary training to his puppies?
  • All the puppies of the breeder are vaccinated.

These are some points that lead you to the best purchase of a Teddybear Bernedoodle or read our guide on where to buy a bernedoodle.


People also asked some more questions:-

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What is the difference between male and female Teddy Bear Bernedoodle?

There is not much difference between male and female Bernedoodle. Both come in all the primary colors. There can be a small difference in the size of the male and female teddy bear Bernedoodle. Usually, the male Teddy Bear Bernedoodle has a greater size than the female.

What are the grooming requirements of a Teddybear Bernedoodle?

The grooming of the teddy bear Bernedoodle is essential due to its long and shaggy coat. It would be best if you brush your teddy bear Bernedoodle regularly. Moreover, you can also clip the teddy Bear Bernedoodle coat once a month.

Why can’t I choose my own Teddy Bear Bernedoodle?

Due to the increasing demand for the Teddy Bear Bernedoodle, you need to wait for your turn. Moreover, people don’t know much about Benredoodles; that’s why some breeders recommend you the best puppy (according to your nature.)

Why do some breeders have more prices as compared to others?

Yes, there are different prices for Teddy Bear Bernedoodles. Mostly the experienced breeders have high rates as compared to others. Moreover, some breeders provide the initial training program to your puppies, that’s why they have high prices.

Are the Teddy Bear Bernedoodles aggressive?

We know all the small sizes of dogs are less aggressive as compared to bigger sizes. The Teddy bear Bernedoodles are much calm, intelligent, and friendly as compared to any other small size dog. That’s why most people recommend these dogs to families.

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