There are three sizes of the Bernedoodle standard, miniature, and Tiny. The Tiny Bernedoodle is the most demanded among all the sizes due to its small size. Most people prefer small size dogs so that the dog can perfectly fit into their families.

tiny bernedoodle

Tiny is the smallest among all types of Bernedoodles, but they don’t have a fixed size. Tiny bernedoodle has a specific range of sizes. It is the next generation of a miniature bernedoodle. Most people know it as an F1B Miniature Bernedoodle. So we can say that tiny Bernedoodle is 25% Bernese mountain dog and 75% mini poodle. Some people also use toy poodles for breeding.

A tiny using toy poodle would be 25% Bernese mountain dog, 25% Mini poodle, and 50% toy poodle. Some people also knew it as a Micro Mini Bernedoodle.

Moreover, the tiny can have different types of coats and colors. Depending upon their parents, tiny can also have various shedding, temperament, and health issues. Tiny Bernedoodle also has different price ranges depending upon its color, coat, and size. Because some colors are more demanding as compared to other colors. Let’s discuss something about their parents.

Bernese Mountain dog

Bernes Mountain DogBernese mountain dog is a versatile dog that is used for working purposes in Switzerland. These dogs are very loyal companions and are used to herd cattle, pull carts, and serve as a watchdog. The bernese mountain dog is one of the four types of Swiss mountain dogs. Bernese mountain dog is the only one of the four which has long hair. These are large-size dogs with a friendly and calm nature.  These dogs are also suitable for conformation, obedience, tracking, herding, and carting completions.

Bernese mountain dog is brilliant and easily trainable for various tasks. Sometimes it’s challenging to handle this dog due to its high energy and large size. So this dog is not perfect to fit in your family. These dogs are also not ideal to fit in an apartment all day because these dogs bark loudly. These dogs love to play rough. But after training, they are quite gentle.

Mini poodle

The mini poodle is a beautiful curly-coated, loyal dog. Most people use these dogs as hunting companions. Mini poodles can be in different colors and sizes depending upon their parent’s size and color. Moreover, the mini poodle can weigh around 15 pounds and can reach up to 15 inches tall. Mini poodles have a small size and perfect four leg members to fit in your family.

Mini poodles are generally healthier but can have different diseases depending upon their parent’s health. So whenever you need a mini poodle for breeding purposes, proper testing of the poodle is necessary. When we talk about the mini poodles’ life span, these dogs can reach around 12 years of age. Moreover, these dogs love to exercise with great swimming techniques.

Tiny Bernedoodle size

All the Bernedoodle types come in different size ranges depending upon their parents. Breeders use the different sizes of the Bernese mountain dog and the toy poodle to get the different sizes of the tiny Bernedoodle. A tiny Bernedoodle can have weight ranges from 10 to 24lbs. When we talk about the height, a tiny Bernedoodle can vary from 12 to 17 inches in height at shoulders.

Moreover, the tiny Bernedoodles males and females can have different sizes. Mostly the Tiny male Bernedoodles are large as compared to Tiny female Bernedoodles. These Bernedoodles are more popular among all sizes.

Tiny Bernedoodle Coat

Tiny Bernedoodles are the F1b generation of Mini Bernedoodles and have predominantly curly hair coats. Sometimes tiny Bernedoodles have a straight or wavier hair coat depending upon their parents. When we talk about the coat color, tiny Bernedoodles have various colors depending upon their toy poodle background. A tiny Bernedoodle can have a single color, bi-color, or tri-color, depending upon their parent’s color.

Moreover, a puppy tiny Bernedoodle’s color can slightly change depending upon their age. So don’t judge a Tiny Bernedoodles coat color at an early age. Generally, at the age of 6 weeks, you can decide the Bernedoodle coat color. Most of the tiny Bernedoodles come in black and brown color. These dogs may also have a small amount of white color on the feet-tips and chest. These dogs may also have other traditional colors like chocolate, cream, or red.

Tiny Bernedoodle Temperament

Tiny Bernedoodle is more attractive and energetic as compared to bigger sizes. These dogs are more popular among families due to their small size and energetic behavior. These Bernedoodles are less shy from the audience as compared to bigger sizes. Tiny Bernedoodles are the perfect entertainer for your family members.

Tiny Bernedoodles are very intelligent and less aggressive in behavior. These dogs are friendly, smart, and intelligent. These qualities make them very easy to train. Moreover, these dogs don’t bark loudly. So you don’t need to worry about an unwanted disturbance. You can also train these dogs easily for barking.

Training and carrying of Tiny Bernedoodles

Training and carrying are easy due to their small size and intelligent nature. The training of any dog is necessary when you are going to adjust the dog in your family. Most breeders provide the initial training to their dogs in their breeding program. When we talk about Swissridge, they have started an imprint program for their puppies to provide basic training like crate training, basic leash training, and basic commands like sit, up, and walk.

Tiny Bernedoodle Food

Tiny Bernedoodle food can be different in amount and type depending upon their size and age. They eat everything you put in front of them. So proper care about the diet is needed to prevent them from being overweight. All dogs need proper nutrition to grow healthy and strong. A tiny Bernedoodle need 400 to 960 calories a day to maintain their energy level.

Training of Tiny Bernedoodle

Training any dog is very important, especially when you adjust a dog in your family. Tiny Bernedoodles are very easy to train for various tasks due to their intelligent nature. These dogs pick every action very quickly as compared to bigger sizes. Just make sure to start the training at the early ages of the Tiny Bernedoodle. You can train your puppy for daily tasks like eating manners, barking, potty training, and other daily tasks.

Exercising of the Tiny Bernedoodle

The Tiny Bernedoodles stay at home all day and get bored. So it’s necessary to take them on short trips for exercising purposes. Moreover, exercise is necessary for any dog to grow healthy and strong. Sometimes Tiny Bernedoodle heats up due to over-exercising, so ensure the proper timing of your Tiny Bernedoodle exercise.

Tiny Bernedoodle Health

When we talk about the smaller sizes, they usually live a longer life compared to bigger sizes. However, the breeders take the perfect healthier dogs for breeding purposes to minimize any health issues. But some usual diseases can appear in dogs. These diseases include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye, skin, and allergy issues.

The most common diseases getting from the Bernese mountain dog are cancer, Hip and elbow dysplasia, and heart diseases. The most common diseases from toy poodles are immune system problems, eye problems, and skin issues.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a particular type of disease that commonly affects dogs. It is a disease of joint in which the dog’s joint get weaker. In this disease, the elbow and hip joints get weaker and displaced after some time.

Eye problems

In eye problems, a dog gets a white cloud in front of his eyes. Mostly, dogs get this problem from their parents. So proper testing of the parents before breeding is significant when we talk about eye issues.

Skin issues

The Bernedoodles are generally healthier dogs as compared to their parents. But still, there are some skin issues found in the Bernedoodles. The most common skin issues of the Bernedoodles are hot spots and allergies.


The chances of cancer in Bernedoodles are low as compared to the Bernese mountain dog. But still, the chances are present. There are some symptoms that we can observe to predetermine cancer and can save the Bernedoodles.

Heart disease      

A Bernedoodle can also get heart disease like humans. Although the chances of heart diseases in the Bernedoodles are low, the breeders should take care of testing before breeding.

Pros and Cons of Tiny Bernedoodle


  • Tiny Bernedoodles are good family dogs with their small size.
  • These dogs are perfect pet dogs with friendly nature.
  • Tiny Bernedoodles are overloaded with cuteness.
  • These dogs can be a perfect exercising partner for you.


  • Bernedoodles are love to exercise, so you need to give some time daily to your Bernedoodle.
  • These dogs inherited diseases from their parents.
  • Bernedoodles are not perfect dogs as a guard.
  • These dogs are too expensive.

How big can a Tiny Bernedoodle get?

Breeders use different processes to get different sizes of Bernedoodles. A Bernese mountain dog almost has the same big size, but the toy poodle has different sizes. So the breeders use the different sizes of the toy poodle to get the different sizes of the Tiny Bernedoodle. Tiny Bernedoodles are also known as micro or toy Bernedoodles. A Tiny young Bernedoodle can get a size of 17 inches at the shoulder. When we talk about weight, a healthy tiny Bernedoodle can reach a weight of 14 pounds.

Mostly, the size of the Tiny Bernedoodles depends upon their parents’ genes. Moreover, the tiny female Bernedoodles are smaller as compared to Tiny male Bernedoodles.

What is the life span of a Tiny Bernedoodle?

When we move towards the smaller sizes, they have more life span than bigger ones. Bernese mountain dog has a lower life span as compared to toy poodle. Similarly, the tiny Bernedoodle has less size as compared to their parents. So it has a longer life span as compared to its parents. The average life span of the tiny Bernedoodle is around 18 years. This is the maximum life span among the other standard and miniature sizes of the Bernedoodle.

How to find a perfect Breeder for Tiny Bernedoodle?

It’s not less than a challenge to find a perfect breeder for the tiny Bernedoodle. Several new breeders are present, which are offering the tiny Bernedoodle. But you should keep in mind some points to make sure about the breeder.

  • A good breeder is always willing to be present for your help, even after the Bernedoodle purchase.
  • Good breeders provide you the health certificates of the puppy parents.
  • He will offer the proper training for their puppies.
  • He will satisfy you with everything related to your puppy.
  • You should keep in mind all the above points to find a perfect breeder for his four-leg family member.


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Some people also asked some more questions:-

What is the price range of a Tiny Bernedoodle?

The cost of a tiny Bernedoodle depends on many factors like the color, coat, and size of the Bernedoodle. The more demanding color and the sizes are more expensive as compared to others. But roughly, you need $4000 to purchase a perfect tiny Bernedoodle puppy. The estimated price of all Bernedoodles is given here.

Are the Tiny Bernedoodles aggressive?

Tiny Bernedoodles are not aggressive at all. They are brilliant, gentle, loyal, and friendly dogs. These dogs provide maximum entertainment to you at home. Moreover, these dogs are straightforward to handle due to their small size.

At what age can I get my puppy at home from the breeder?

It mostly depends upon you and your breeder. Some breeders don’t allow you to take your puppies at home before 7 to 8 weeks. Some people take their puppies too early at home, which generally affects their habits and personality.

Can I register my Tiny Bernedoodle?

There is no registration process for mixed breed dogs. But you can register your dog on designer dog registries on its own.

What are the necessary things needed before bringing my Tiny Bernedoodle home?

Certain things are necessary for the proper growth of your puppy. These things include the following:-

  • Food and Water
  • A proper living place.
  • Different toys for puppy exercise.
  • A metal crate.
  • A brush for the Bernedoodle coat.

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