About Us

Welcome to BernedoodleBreed! We are an informational blog on Bernedoodles. Initially, when we started collecting data about this new dog breed we saw most websites are just dog sellers. There was no authentic blog about this dog at that time. We jumped in and collaborated with many top Bernedoodle breeders to start this website bernedoodlebreed.com

Our mission is to help you know more about Bernedoodles

Our main goal was to guide new puppy owners about different aspects of bernedoodles. We have answered from basic questions “is bernedoodle a dog good family dog? to advance “how to train this dog?”  “Which food is good for them?” and many more. We have covered everything in detail. We are the only authentic informational blog on bernedoodle dogs.

We are always ready for a discussion about bernedoodle, you can reach out to us at any time through our contact page. We try to respond to most queries within 24 hours.

To make it easier for you, we love Bernedoodles and want to help new owners through our blog.

Meet our Team:

Zak George
Dog Trainer
Zak is a professional dog trainer and writer. Being an expert in dogs he wrote all of our blog posts about Bernedoodles. He is considered and respected as one of the top dog trainers. He has helped many new families.  Zak joined us in 2018 and started writing blog bernedoodlebreed.com on regular bases. Due to the high demand for Bernedoodles Zak focused more on this dog and started to share his finding with all Bernedoodles lovers.
Zohaib Raza
Dog Enthusiast
Zohaib worked as an Editor in writing content on this blog. He researched and gathered already available data on the internet about bernedoodles and communicated with many top breeders to get more accurate data about Bernedoodles. Zohaib has helped find the gap and identified other mistakes done by people about these dogs.
Dr. Kantor
Dr. Kantor is the best veterinarian available in the United States. His expertise in dogs is unmatchable. Kantor has helped many dog owners. 
We have to give the pets proper attention as they cannot express their feelings.
Helping dog owners is not just a job but a passion for me. I also love cats and I love playing tennis, hiking, camping, and skiing.
Brian Kilcommons
Dog Trainer
In the ever-growing field of dog training, it becomes increasingly important to find a trainer who embodies your own personal values and goals. Brian is a nationally-certified dog trainer and pet-behavior expert. He has authored several books on dog training, as well as given speeches and demonstrations on the topic. Brian is currently working as a part-time writer and answering questions asked by people on blog bernedoodlebreed.com