Miniature Bernedoodle

Not everyone wants a large dog for their family. Many people prefer a smaller dog that can easily fit into their household. For those looking for an excellent, easy-to-train companion, Mini Bernedoodles are an ideal choice.

Mini Bernedoodles offer flexibility in size, depending on their parentage (Bernese Mountain Dog and Mini Poodle). They typically weigh between 18 to 65 pounds, with an average range of 30 to 45 pounds, allowing you to find a size that perfectly suits your needs. This adaptability, combined with their friendly and intelligent nature, makes Mini Bernedoodles a popular option for families seeking a smaller dog.

Miniature Bernedoodle
Miniature Bernedoodle

Miniature Bernedoodles coats, colors, shedding, and temperaments can also differ depending on their parents.

When we talk about the price range of these Mini Bernedoodles, they have different prices depending on their feature and breeders. The average price range for a Mini Bernedoodle is around $3000.

Size Guide

As we have already discussed, a Miniature Bernedoodle can have different sizes depending upon its parents. Breeders usually use the mini poodle and other toy poodles to get different sizes. When we talk about the weight of miniature Bernedoodle, it ranges from 15 to 40 pounds depending upon their parents.

Mini bernedoodle breed
Mini bernedoodle breed

Coat and Color

The most popular colors in these dogs are tricolors. They mostly consist of black, white, and tan or rust tricolor. Some Miniature Bernedoodles come in sable and tan with white markings. They also come in bi-color, especially black color with white markings over them. The white markings disappear as the puppy grows.

There can be different types of coats in Miniature Bernedoodles. Some have a wavy coat, and some have a curly coat like the poodle. When we talk about appearance, the wavy coat is more appealing, and the curly coat is more suitable for allergy sufferers because the curly coat has less shedding as compared to a wavy coat. We have to wait at least 5 to 6 months to judge its coat type properly.

Temperament of Miniature

When we compared the Miniature Bernedoodle with the standard and other sizes, they are more active and energetic as compared to bigger sizes. These dogs are highly recommended for families due to their small size. Moreover, they are perfect for your children as they are more energetic. They are frank with their family members but don’t like strangers. Mostly they don’t shy away from strangers, but sometimes they show little aggression depending upon their mood. They are intelligent and loyal as their parents.

Training and care

Due to the small size of the Miniature Bernedoodle, it’s easy to take care of this dog. You can also train your Miniature Bernedoodle to make it easy for you. These dogs come from the cross-breeding of brilliant parents, so they pick things very quickly and try to adjust themselves according to the environment.

What food do they like?

As we know, Bernedoodle comes in three main sizes, and all have different food range according to their size. The Standard Bernedoodle food formula is different from the toy and miniature Bernedoodle. You can use specially made food for puppies, which contains all the vitamins essential for the puppy’s growth.

Sometimes people prefer homemade food over designed formula. These homemade foods are good, but make sure they meet your dog’s nutrient needs. In most cases, homemade food leads to the deficiency of the vitamins in your dog, so try to use formulated food for your puppy. A Miniature Bernedoodle usually needs 750 to 1400 calories daily.

If you are not sure about the formulated dog foods. You don’t know what type of food to use first. You can consult with your breeder.

How to Train Your Miniature Bernedoodle?

Try to train your Miniature Bernedoodles in their early stages of life. You can also take them on short trips. If your puppy learns all these things at a young age, it will become easy for you to handle your dog in the future. You can also train your puppy for different things. You can train your puppy to potty and crate.

Miniature Bernedoodle Exercise Routine

They need at least one hour of exercise daily. But keep in mind that their overcoats are made for mountains to keep them warm, so they don’t over-exercise. One’s Miniature Bernedoodle is done with the exercise; it will be happy to stay at home.

Common Health Issues in Miniature Bernedoodle

Miniature Bernedoodle puppies are prone to some health issues, but overall they are a relatively healthy breed. Some of the conditions that Bernedoodles may be predisposed to include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin issues such as allergies and hot spots. Let’s discuss them in little detail.

1. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Dysplasia is a bone joint issue. It can lead to painful joint problems. Hip and elbow dysplasia are developmental disorders that result from the abnormal joint formation. This malformation can cause wear of bone over time, which leads to the development of osteoarthritis (OA) or arthrosis and degenerative joint disease.

To see if miniatures can develop this problem, we have to look for parents. Almost 1 out of 8 Miniature poodles and Bernese mountain dogs have this issue. When we talk about Bernese Mountain, 1 out of 5 have elbow dysplasia.

2. Patella Luxation

Patella Luxation is a knee issue when the knees are displaced from their positions. Almost 4 out of 100 Miniature Bernedoodles are affected by this issue. When we talk about Bernese Mountain, 3 out of 100 have this issue.

3. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy leads to the blindness of your dog. When we talk about Bernese Mountain, they don’t have these types of issues. The Miniature poodle can be affected by this disease. Best Breeders take the DNA test before breeding to check the carrier concentration for this disease. Moreover, breeders can take some eye tests to prevent the puppies from this disease.

4. Bloat

This is a severe health issue in which the stomach of the dog twists back on itself. This is a life-threatening issue for a dog. Surgery is the only immediate possible option for this disease to save a dog’s life. One cause of this issue is the fast gulping of the dog, so you can use the slow feeder bowl to protect your Miniature Bernedoodle.

5. Heart issue

Always check the dog’s parent’s (Bernese Mountain dog and the Miniature poodle) history before breeding to protect your puppy from heart issues because heart issues are so severe and very dangerous. The probability of heart issues in any dog is very low, but the breeders should test before breeding.

How big can a Mini Bernedoodle get?

Mini Benedoodle size mostly depends upon their parents. When we talk about the miniature poodle size, it has a size range of 10 to 15 inches tall. Bernese Mountain dog is much taller as compared to miniature poodles. They are 23 to 28 inches tall. Mini Bernedoodle is between these ranges and can be 18 to 22 inches tall. When we talk about the weight, the mini poodle’s weight range is between 15 to 17 pounds, and the male Bernese mountain dog weighs between 79 to 110. Most of the Mini Bernedoodle weigh between 25 to 50 pounds.

How long can a Mini Bernedoodle live?

When we talk about their parent’s lifespan, only 80% of Bernese Mountain dogs live for five years, and only 30% live for ten years. The average life span of the Bernese Mountain dog is just seven years. Poodles live longer as compared to Bernese Mountain. Their minimum age is ten years, and mostly they live for 18 years. The average life span of a poodle is 12 to 15 years. Mini Bernedoodle has a life span of 7 to 15 years, with an average age of 10 or 11 years.

Can a Mini Bernedoodle have shed?

Mini Bernedoodle’s coat mostly depends upon their parents. When we talk about the poodle, it has a dense, curly, and non-shedding coat. They are so kinky and long, so they need to trim weekly to keep them short and prevent them from matting. At the same time, the Bernese Mountain dogs have long wavy hair and shed in fall and summer. The miniature Bernese dog’s coat is between curly and wavy. We don’t judge the coat in the early stage of their life; only time tells what type of coat they have. You need to wait to decide anything about your Miniature Bernedoodle.

How to find a good Breeder for Mini Bernedoodles?

If you want a good Miniature Bernedoodle, you need to find out honest breeders first who answer all of your questions about your purchase. He will provide you with all the health certificates of the baby’s parents. He will also show you the parents of the puppy. He would also work with you even after your purchase.

How much can a Miniature Bernedoodle cost?

A Miniature Bernedoodle cost can be $800 to $4000. This range depends upon different factors: size, Coat, generation, and Breeder. This is a one-time cost. After that, you should know all the other expenses of shelter, food, and health.

Do Miniature Bernedoodle Need Registration with AKC?

No, We don’t have to register the Miniature Bernedoodle with the American kennel club. The Bernedoodle has a separate registry procedure from the United Bernedoodle registry. By registering the Bernedoodle in a separate registry, we can help to improve the breeding process. You can read more about them on their website here.

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