Do Bernedoodles need haircuts? Brushing and Haircut Tips for Summer & Winter

You guys were asking us about do Bernedoodle need haircuts? As we know, the Bernedoodles is a mix of Bernese mountain dog and the poodle, and have proper hair rather than the fur-like hair of other dogs. So there is a need to maintain their adequate hairstyles to prevent the hair from matting.

Moreover, it is recommended to groom these dogs regularly at home and professional grooming after 6 to 8 weeks. The professional grooming depends upon the growth and matting of your Bernedoodle. If your Bernedoodle hair started matting too early, you should go for professional grooming. To do grooming at home you must have the best brush for your Bernedoodle. You can’t entirely depend upon the professional groomers. You also need regular brushing, as discuss above.

Let’s see the importance of regular brushing of your Bernedoodle.

Importance of Regular brushing for Bernedoodle hairs

Bernedoodles haircuts
Bernedoodles haircuts

Regular brushing is essential for Bernedoodle’s coat and health as well. It plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your Bernedoodle. The proper brushing and oiling of your Bernedoodle give it a perfect shine. Moreover, it prevents them from tangles in their coat. Sometime Bernedoodle feels uncomfortable due to the hair mats, which lead them towards unhealthy activities. When people don’t remove the mats early, it grows further, and the groomer clips them, which is responsible for an unattractive patchy coat.

Bernedoodle has different coat types, and each type has its features. Moreover, there are different hairstyles for each kind of Bernedoodles. There are three types of the coat, straight coat, wavy coat, and curly coat.

There are different hairstyles for winter and summer seasons. Moreover, there are different styles for each part of the Bernedoodle, including the tail, head, and body. Let’s see some common hairstyles of the Bernedoodles.

Common Hairstyles of the Bernedoodles

When you are going for a professional groomer, you should keep in mind that all the groomers are not professional for Bernedoodles. Even breeding of this dog is something new for groomers. So wherever you go, make sure the groomer knows about the Bernedoodles grooming. You can also find some online pictures of the Bernedoodle hairstyles and take with them to the groomer.

Let’s discuss some common hairstyles of different parts of the Bernedoodles.

1. The winter haircut of the Bernedoodle

winter haircut of the Bernedoodle
winter haircut of the Bernedoodle

First of all, you need the proper bathing of your Bernedoodle before the grooming. After the bath, you need to wait until your Bernedoodle completely dried. Then you can use the 40 blades on to trim the hair between pads without cutting the sides of the toes.

Let’s discuss the blade options for different parts of the body.

When we talk about the body area, you need to use a one clipper comb to clip from chin to top of the front legs. Moreover, use the same clipper on the sides of the neck as well. You need to use the same clipper comb on hind legs, the base of the tail, and under the ears.

Now you need to use scissors to cut the body length of three inches. Moreover, you need to use the scissors for front legs and back legs. You can also use the scissors to cut the tail hairs such that the hair length is smaller than the body hairs length. For beauty purposes, the tail should be perfectly blended into the body.

When we talk about the Bernedoodle head, it’s more important than any other part for the Bernedoodle charming look. You can use the thinning scissors on the head. You need to cut the hairs from the eyes so that they don’t come in front of the eyes. Moreover, for the cheeks and other parts, you can use the trimmer according to your desires and your Bernedoodle beauty.

2. The summer haircut of the Bernedoodle

summer haircut of the Bernedoodle
summer haircut of the Bernedoodle

The first procedure is the same, and you need a proper bathed and dried Bernedoodle before grooming. You can use the same 40 blades for the dog’s pads, like the winter cutting.

But you need to use the ½ clipper comb for the front legs, neck sides, and under the year part. Use the same clipper comb for the hind legs and the base of the tail. For the body, the area uses the 7/8 clipper comb. For the front legs and back legs, use the one clipper comb.

Now scissors cut the hair on the tail so that the length of the hairs is longer than the body hairs. When we talk about the head, use the thinning scissors from nose to eyes. Make sure the hairs don’t grow in front of the eyes. For the rest of the head, use the ½ clipper comb.


Bernedoodle is a good dog, as far as you groom them on time.  It’s effortless to groom them and give them a proper haircut. If you can’t do it yourself, take them to the nearby dog’s grooming salon.

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