Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Upstate NY

Are you looking for a Bernedoodle breeder in Upstate, NY? It can be a little difficult to find a Bernedoodle breeder in Upstate NY as there are not many Bernedoodle breeders in this region. Especially, it’s difficult to find a reputable bernedoodle breeder.

Best Bernedoodle breeders in upstate NY

You don’t have to worry; we have done the research and come up with some reputable Bernedoodle breeders in Upstate, NY. All of these breeders can provide you with the best Bernedoodle puppy for your family. Let’s see the best Bernedoodle breeders in Upstate, NY.

List of Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Upstate NY

Blue Diamond Family Pups

The blue diamond is one of the most trusted names in boutique breeds. It’s a family of seven, lives on a 10-acre farm, and breeds the beautiful Bernedoodles for the families along with some other breeds. They focus on five different breeds, including the Bernedoodles, Beabulls, Cavapoos, Mini Bernedoodles, and Mini Goldendoodles. Before offering their puppies for sale, they strive to have all of their dog’s health tested and clear of all hereditary diseases and issues. You can get a healthy and well-socialized puppy from them. All of their puppies are vet-checked and vaccinated to ensure a happy and healthy puppy. Visit their website to get more information about their puppies.

  • Location: Upstate New York
  • Price Range: $2500-$5000
  • Website:
  • Phone: 330-260-4600
  • Email: [email protected]

Point Breeze Doodles, LLC

Point breeze doodles are one of the best Bernedoodle breeders in the Upstate NY region. They are also breeding the Goldendoodles and Double doodles along with the Bernedoodles. Each of their puppies is planned with ethics and care to provide the best puppy to the families. You can visit their website to see the photos of their Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, and Double Doodles. Additionally, their breeding parents undergo extensive health testing to provide you with more than just a happy puppy. Their puppy price range is from &4000 to $5000. You have to deposit a non-refundable $250 to reserve a puppy from them.

  • Location: Upstate New York
  • Price Range: $4000-$5000
  • Website:
  • Phone: 585-362-9684
  • Email: [email protected]

Willow Ridge Kennels 

Willow ridge kennel is located in Rochester, New York, United States. It’s a family own breeding program. They are breeding beautiful Bernedoodle puppies for families in the Upstate NY region. They also offer custom packages to meet dog training needs and consultation services for dog breeders. Visit their website to meet their moms and dads. Contact them via email or phone to get more information about their puppies and packages.

  • Location: Rochester, New York, United States
  • Price Range: $1800-$3000
  • Website:
  • Phone: 585-944-4300
  • Email: [email protected]

These were the top 3 bernedoodle breeders in Upstate NY. We hope our list has helped you. If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments. We will try our best to respond to your query as soon as possible.


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