Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Canada 2022

Are you looking for a Bernedoodle breeder in Canada? You are at the right place; here, we will tell you about some quality Bernedoodle breeders in Canada. Bernedoodles are crossing all the popularity barriers in the world, and the impact is also shown in Canada. Although it’s a crossbreed of two European dogs, it’s bred for the first time in Canada. At the moment, it’s one of the most popular designer dog breeds.

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Canada

Unfortunately, its popularity also brings some seasonal breeders into the business. You have to do proper research to find an ideal Bernedoodle breeder to get a perfect puppy. We have researched and come up with some trusted Bernedoodle breeders in Canada. But you have to do some research on your own before purchasing a puppy. The selection of a reputable breeder is an important part of getting your ideal puppy. Below are some reputable Bernedoodle breeders in Canada.

Canadian Chocolate Labradoodles and Bernedoodles 

Chris and Katelyn are the owners of this breeding program, and both have a love for dogs. These are the home-based Doodle breeders in Ontario. Their puppies spend most of their time with their family and part of their routine activities. They specialized in super cute and well-tempered F1 Bernedoodles. You can adopt your puppy from them at 7 to 8 weeks of age, with 1st vaccination, three dewormings, and two years health guarantee. Most of their puppies also experience different surfaces, places, activities, and people. All of these things enhance the socialization of their puppies. You have to deposit $500 to reserve your puppy.

  • Location: 7758 Wellington Rd 8, Alma, ON
  • Price Range: $1800-$4500
  • Website:
  • Phone: 519-998-0657
  • Email: [email protected]

Cloud 9 Doodles 

Cloud 9 Doodles’ inspiration to start breeding the doodles was to bring some new and unique world of dogs. They wanted to breed the dogs not just for their look but also for personality, health, and workability. They carefully select their doodles to get the best attributes of their breeds based on their temperament and health. Other than the Bernedoodles, they are also producing the Sheepadoodle and Aussiedoodle. They know how to provide the best puppies to families with more than 15 years of experience in the field. You can visit their website to check the available puppies.

  • Location: Alberta, Canada ?
  • Price Range: $3800-$4200
  • Website:

Lime Ridge Doodles 

Lime Ridge Doodles is a family-owned business. Matt and his family are responsible for looking after the pups once weaned and also taking care of their customers. They love to raise the doodles and find the ideal owners for their pups. Their children in the family love to spend time with puppies, which makes them well-socialized. All of their pups are vet checked and dewormed before leaving their home. You have to deposit $300 to reserve a puppy from them. Other than the Bernedoodles, they are also breeding the Australian Shepherd, Labrador retriever, and Golden retriever.

  • Location: 7758 Wellington Rd 8, Alma, ON
  • Price Range: $1800-$4500
  • Website:
  • Phone:  519-998-0657
  • Email: [email protected]

SwissRidge Kennels 

Sherry Rupke is the proud owner of the SwissRidge kennel and also the first breeder to cross the Poodle and Bernese mountain dog. She started dog breeding in 1997 but formally established the SwissRidge kennels on a 20-acre property in Lindsay, Ontario, in 2004. Now, she has a life filled with dogs and puppies. She built her reputation by health-testing her dogs and publicly sharing records. You will get lifetime support from SwissRidge Kennels after receiving your puppy. You can get a variety of Berneoodle sizes from them in different color variations. Unfortunately, their adoption list is usually full due to the high demand for their puppies. You may not even put your name on the adoption list for 1 to 2 years. You can get a puppy from SwissRidge at a reasonable price.

  • Location: Canada
  • Price Range: $2500-$4000
  • Website:
  • Phone: 289-608-8164
  • Email: [email protected]

Wagging Tails Kennels 

This is another Canadian Kennel dedicated to breeding healthy, sweet-tempered, loyal, beautiful, and highly intelligent Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. Wagging Tails Kennels is located on a 60-acre family farm in Edmundston, minutes away from the banks of St John River. They are breeding the F1 standard size Bernedoodle and Goldendoodles. You can see all of their dogs on their website. Their puppies go to their homes at eight weeks of age with a one-year health guarantee, dewormed, and first vaccination. You have to deposit $300 to reserve your puppy. So, Wagging Tails Kennels is an ideal choice if you want a Bernedoodle puppy in New Brunswick or the nearest provinces, including Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

  • Location: Edmundston-Madawaska-Centre, NB E7C 1X4, Canada
  • Price Range: $2800-$5000
  • Social Page:
  • Phone: 1 506-740-1876
  • Email: [email protected]

Yankeedoodle Pups

Michelle and her husband are the proud owner of Yankeedoodle Pups and breed high-quality and proper temperament puppies. It’s a home-based breeding program located in Arthur, Ontario. All of their dogs are part of their family. They have been breeding the animals for the last 40 years. All of their adult dogs are health tested and clear of any genetic disease. You will get a puppy from them with proper vet checks and a 3-year health guarantee. They start their puppies’ socialization and training as soon as possible. You will get lifetime support after getting a puppy from them. Visit their website to check the available puppies.

  • Location: Arthur Ontario, Canada
  • Price Range: $3500-$4500
  • Website:

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