Bernedoodle black Color Details

A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. When we talk about the traits of the Bernedoodles, they inherit the maximum traits from their parents. The different sizes, coats, and colors depend upon the different sizes, coats, and colors of their parents. Poodle plays the maximum part in the Bernedoodle color, size, and coat.

Bernedoodle black

When we talk about the black Bernedoodles, they can come in a variety of different color combinations. These color combinations come from parent colors. The black Bernedoodle color combinations include the black tricolor, black merle tricolor, black bicolor, black phantom, black phantom tricolor, black brindle pointed, black merle phantom, black-masked phantom, solid black merle, and solid black.

Color Combinations of Black Bernedoodle

1. Solid black

solid black bernedoodle

A solid black color Bernedoodle is completely black, as clear from the name. The solid black color of these Bernedoodles originates from the recessive genes which come from both parents. A solid black color Bernedoodle puppy is very rare. Maybe you only found one puppy that has solid black color in the entire litter. The less production of the solid black Bernedoodle puppies increases their demand for some time. Their fluffy black coat creates a unique look, which makes the solid black color Bernedoodles a cute little bear. It can be the best choice for anyone who is looking for a good four-leg family member.

2. Black tricolor

tri color black bernedoodle

Bernedoodles can come in different tri-color combinations depending upon their parents. But when we talk about the black tricolor Bernedoodles, they mostly look like the solid black color Bernedoodles. The black tricolor Bernedoodles almost have a black color with some white parts and rust markings. The white color and the rust markings are commonly on the chest of the black tricolor Bernedoodles. Moreover, the rust markings are gradually changing into a brown color with time. These markings are usually appearing in between the black and white color.

3. Black merle tricolor

Black merle tricolor

Merle generally refers to the patterns in the Bernedoodle coat. It is usually not considered as a color in the Bernedoodles. The black merle is referred to as the solid black color with a lighter blue or gray parches. This gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect to the black merle tricolor Bernedoodles. When we talk about the black tricolor merle Bernedoodles, they merle black color with white and brown parts. These are more like the patterns in the black merle tricolor Bernedoodles as compared to color. This is another good attractive four-leg family member for any Bernedoodle lover.

4. Black bicolor

Black bicolor

As clear from the name, unlike the tricolor black Bernedoodles, the black bicolor Bernedoodles only have two colors. They have the main black color with any other color depending upon the parents. These Bernedoodles mostly have a main black color with some part of white color. The white colors are usually appearing on the chest and foot. There are not any pattern’s in the bicolor black Bernedoodles like the black merle Bernedoodles. Sometimes the white color is also appearing on the face as well. This type of color combination mostly appears in the small size Bernedoodles. So, a small size Bernedoodle with this special color combination can be the best choice for any family.

5. Black phantom

Black phantom Bernedoodles are usually known for their rust markings. These markings make them special since their puppy age. Many phantom Bernedoodles look like solid black Bernedoodles when they are born. But with time, their rust markings appeared. If you found any brown marking under the tail of your Bernedoodle puppy, this is a good indicator of the black phantom Bernedoodle. The rust markings change into brown with time. As clear from the name, this Bernedoodle has most of the black color, the brown color mostly appears on below part of the whole Bernedoodle. Sometimes the brown color is also appearing on the face front.

6. Black phantom tricolor

Black phantom tricolor color Bernedoodle has three different color combinations. The main color is black, which has some parts of white and brown color as well. Sometimes these Bernedoodles are also mixed with the tricolor and phantom Bernedoodles. But these Bernedoodles have a clear difference as they have more part of brown color as compared to the white color. A phantom color Bernedoodle always has a black base with tan legs and minimal to the full white chest. In contrast, a black phantom tricolor Bernedoodle has maximum brown on the chest and legs as well with minimal white.

7. Black brindle pointed

The black brindle Bernedoodles has a brownish-black coat as compared to solid black. The most of their body part is cover with the black, brownish coat. But the pointed brown color has also appeared on the face, legs, and chest. Most importantly, the whole brownish-black coat of these Bernedoodles makes them different from the other black Bernedoodles. These are also good four-leg Bernedoodle companion for any dog-loving people.

8. Black merle phantom

Merle is a color combination in any Bernedoodle. Black merle phantom Bernedoodles have special type color combinations, which give them a completely different look. Their more body part is consisting of a white, black mixture with a brownish color. The brown color is mostly appearing on the legs and face. Their completely different look is sometimes very attractive for the people.

9. Black masked phantom

Black masked phantom Bernedoodle is more like a black Bernedoodle. They almost have the same color combination as the black phantom Bernedoodle. The difference is mainly coming in the phase; a black-masked phantom Bernedoodle has black color around the mouth as compared to brown. The black around the mouth inside the brown color gives it a black-masked type look. The brown color is mostly appearing on the chest, legs, and a little on the face. These are another good Bernedoodle color combination for any dog-loving family.

10. Solid black merle

As we know, the merle is a color combination in the Bernedoodles; solid black merle also has the color combination. As clear from the name, it has a solid black color with patterns of other colors. The other color is usually white, which is a combination of black as well. The solid black color of this Bernedoodle with some other merle combination gives it a good look.

Black Bernedoodle size 

like all the other colors combinations of the Bernedoodles, black Bernedoodles are also come in three sizes depending upon the poodle size. These sizes include the standard, miniature, and toy size Bernedoodle. A standard Bernedoodle size can vary from 23 to 29 inches, and weight can vary from 70 to 90 pounds. When we talk about the mini black Bernedoodles, their height varies from 18 to 22 inches, and weight varies from 25 to 49 pounds. Similarly, the tiny Black Bernedoodles have a height between 12 to o17 inches, and their weight varies from 10 to 24 pounds. A black male Bernedoodle is usually larger as compared to the female black Bernedoodle.

The smaller size black Bernedoodle puppy is usually obtained by crossing the smaller size poodle with the Bernese mountain dog. Similarly, the medium and larger sizes are obtained by crossing the Bernese mountain dog with the other sizes of the poodle. So, we can say that the different sizes of the black color Bernedoodle are mostly dependent upon the poodle size.

Black Bernedoodle coat types

When we talk about the look of the black Bernedoodle coat, it can be a solid black color or any other color combinations, as we have seen above. The main color combinations include black, white, and brown.  But we have in all the cases the main color is black.

A black Bernedoodle also has three different types of coats, like straight, curly, and wavy, depending upon their parents. The wavy and curlier coats are less shedding as compared to the straight coat. So, if you are looking for a less to non-shedding black Bernedoodle coat, you can go for a curly coat type Bernedoodle. That is one reason that sometimes the curly coat type Bernedoodles are a little expensive as compared to other coat types.

Black Bernedoodle temperament

All the Bernedoodles usually have a strong temperament. They are goofy, intelligent, loyal, and friendly dogs. They love to spend the maximum time with their owners. Sometimes they build aggressive behavior due to spending maximum time alone. So, makes sure to give proper time to your Bernedoodle daily to prevent it from any aggressive behavior.

Bernedoodles also love to play with the children and spend some time exercising. They love to go on short trips with their owners. You can also train them for small tasks due to their learning temperament But makes sure to start the training early to perfectly train your black Bernedoodle. You can simply train your dog for a crate, potty, and many other necessary tasks. Usually, the Bernedoodles don’t bark a lot, but sometimes when they are hungry or alone, they built aggressive behavior.

Black Bernedoodle generations

There are different generations of black Bernedoodles like the other color, Bernedoodles. A black color Bernedoodle is just a color and can come in any generation. So, we can say that a black color Bernedoodle can belong to first-generation, second generations, or any of their subsequent generations. A solid black color Bernedoodle is not easy to obtain in any generation.

Life span of black Bernedoodle

The life span of a Bernedoodle doesn’t depend upon its colors or coat types. But the size can play a little role in the life span of any Bernedoodle. Usually, the smaller size Bernedoodles has more life span as compared to larger sizes. But when we talk about the average life span of a Bernedoodle, it can vary from 10 to 15 years depending upon different factors. Moreover, the life span of a Bernedoodle also depends upon the different generations as well.

Health of black Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles usually don’t have any serious health issues. But sometimes, due to inexperienced breeders and some other reasons, they get some serious health issues. These issues mainly include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin issues. But all these are very rare conditions; usually, the black Bernedoodles are healthy dogs like all the other Bernedoodles.

Black Bernedoodle price  

Bernedoodles are hybrid breeds and a little bit higher in price as compared to other breeds. You can expect to pay between $2500 to $5000 depending upon different factors. The smaller black color Bernedoodles are more demanding as compared to the bigger sizes. So, sometimes the smaller sizes are expensive as compared to bigger sizes. For example, if you wanted a tiny size black Bernedoodle, it will be expensive as compared to standard size Bernedoodles.

A solid black Bernedoodle is difficult to achieve; may you have only one Bernedoodle puppy with a solid black color from all the litters. So, due to fewer productions of the solid black color Bernedoodles, their price sometimes higher as compared to usual colors. So, you can expect to pay a little bit more for a black Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that a black color Bernedoodle can have a solid black color and the combinations of some other colors as well. It’s difficult to find a solid black color Bernedoodle due to less production. You may only find one solid black Bernedoodle puppy in from all the litters. This is the one main reason which plays a role in the higher cost of the black Bernedoodles. Moreover, the smaller size black Bernedoodles are a little expensive as compared to the larger sizes. So, you can expect to pay a little bit more for smaller size black color Bernedoodle.

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