What is a Phantom Bernedoodle? Temperament , Size, Cost

Bernedoodle comes in different colors depending upon parents. When we talk about the phantom Bernedoodle, they have only one primary color with some other color tips. So a phantom color is nothing special; it’s just a classification based on color.

A phantom color can accrue with different colors, including silver, black, and many other standard colors. Mostly, phantom Bernedoodle has a base coat with black or brown color. The brown color is mostly on the legs, chest, cheeks, and eyebrows.

phantom bernedoodle
phantom bernedoodle

Rust Marking

Phantoms have some rust marking on them at the time of their birth. Moreover, some look entirely black at the time of their delivery. Suppose you see brown marking under the tail at the time of birth, it’s a good indicator of a phantom Bernedoodle. The phantom color mostly comes in the Bernedoodle depending upon their age.


When we talk about the adult phantom Bernedoodles, they are usually in silver and cream, black and cream, black and tan, or cream and silver color. Whatever the combination this dog has, they always have a stunning look.

Phantom Bernedoodle Generations

As we discussed above, there is nothing unusual in phantom other than the colors. Yes, they are more beautiful and stunning due to their look. When we talk about their generations, they can have F1, F1b, and F2 generation Bernedoodles depending upon their parents.

If a phantom Bernedoodle comes from a Bernese mountain dog and poodle cross, it will be an F1 generation phantom Bernedoodle. If you get a Bernedoodle from the cross between F1 generation Bernedoodles and a poodle, it will be an F1b generation phantom Bernedoodle. Moreover, if you get a Bernedoodle from the cross between F1 generation male and female Bernedoodle, it will be an F2 generation phantom Bernedoodle.

Phantom Bernedoodle Size

The size can vary depending upon their parent’s size. The Bernedoodle can be divided into three main sizes, standard size, miniature size, and tiny size Bernedoodles. A standard Phantom-Bernedoodle size can vary from 45 to 110 pounds in weight and 23 to 29 inches in height depending upon the size of their parents. The miniature Phantom Bernedoodle size can range from 15 to 40 pounds in weight and 18 to 22 inches in height depending upon the size of their parents. The last is the Tiny Phantom Bernedoodles, and their size can vary from 20 to 24 pounds in weight and 12 to 17 inches in height depending upon their parent’s size.

Phantom Bernedoodle Temperament

Phantom’s temperament is the same, like other Bernedoodle dogs. As people love these Bernedoodles more as compared to other types of Bernedoodles due to their charming look. This more love sometimes reflects in their personality as well.

The Bernedoodle dogs are human’s friendly dogs and require more attention from their owners, which makes them more loyal, loving, and intelligent dogs. These dogs are straightforward to train due to their intelligence and learning behavior. These are the perfect breed that gets the intelligent nature from the poodle and loving and loyal nature from the Bernese mountain dog. The most common question we get is, “is bernedoodle a good dog?

Phantom’s Training and Diet

The training is essential for any dog to adjust to your family. You don’t need to worry about phantom bernedoodle, as it’s easy to train this dog due to its intelligent nature. These dogs love to walk daily and want new adventures in their life. You can easily train these dogs for daily tasks like eating manners, potty training, and family manners.

The phantom Berne dogs are not ordinary dogs; these dogs obtain from cross-breeding and require a lot of attention from their owners to maintain their health. You can’t put everything in front of them. You need a proper diet plan for them according to their size.

Phantom Bernedoodle Cost

The cost is somehow higher as compared to other Bernedoodles due to their charming look, check how much a bernedoodle costs. The phantom is a more demanded dog as compared to others. We know it’s not a regular breed, so it requires a lot of time to get a phantom Bernedoodles. Typically, the phantom Bernedoodles can be found in a $3750 range, but it can be different depending upon the breeder.

You can find different breeders online, which are offering the phantom Bernedoodles with varying ranges of price. There are different procedures to purchase a phantom Bernedoodle for every breeder.

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