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When we talk about the Bernedoodles, they come in many colors depending upon their parent’s colors. The different generations of the Bernedoodles can come in different colors. The F1 generation Bernedoodle can come in tricolor-phantom, phantom, tri-color sable, sable phantom, sable and white, black, black and white, party, tricolor merle, merle and white, and merle phantom.

Black and white Bernedoodle

The F1b Bernedoodles can come in traditional tri-colors like a tri-colors phantom, phantom, tricolor sable, sable phantom, sable and white, brindle and white, black, black and white, party, tricolor merle, merle and white, merle phantom, cream, cream and white, chocolate, chocolate and white, and chocolate phantom.

From the above, we can observe that the F1 generation of the Bernedoodles doesn’t come in cream, cream, and white, chocolate, tricolor chocolate, or chocolate and white. Normally both parents need to have these colors, so the puppies also have these colors. The Bernese mountain dog doesn’t have cream, chocolate, or brown color. So, we can say that the black and white Bernedoodles usually come in some other color combinations. Moreover, there is not much difference in the black and white Bernedoodles irrespective of their color. It’s difficult to find a completely black or white Bernedoodle. Let’s know more about black and white Bernedoodles.

Black Bernedoodles

A black Bernedoodle can have a solid black color depending upon their parents. In this rare case, the puppy gets the black color gene from both parents. Usually, black color in the Bernedoodles comes with many other color combinations. These color combination s include the black tricolor, black merle tricolor, black bicolor, black phantom, black phantom tricolor, black brindle pointed, black merle phantom, black-masked phantom, solid black merle, and black based sable. All these colors of the black Bernedoodles have the main black color with the combinations of some other color. Let’s know more about these unique colors, Bernedoodles.

Black Bernedoodle coat types

The coat of the black color Bernedoodle can come in three different styles, like all the other Bernedoodles. These three styles include the straight, wavy, and curly coat. Usually, people like to have a black color Bernedoodle coat with curly style as it’s less shedding as compared to straight Bernedoodle coat. When we talk about the looks of a black color Bernedoodle coat, it is the main thing which relates to the color of the Bernedoodle. Many people like the unique look of the solid black color Bernedoodles. Some people also prefer black color with some other beautiful colors like white and brown.

Black Bernedoodle size

A black Bernedoodle size can also vary in three main categories, like any other Bernedoodle. These three categories are standard size, miniature size, and toy size Bernedoodles. Standard size is the largest size in the black Bernedoodles. A standard size Bernedoodle size can vary in vary in height from 23 to 29 inches and 70 to 90 pounds in weight. Some fatty standard Bernedoodles also jump from 90 pounds weight.

A miniature black Bernedoodle size varies from 18 to 22 inches in height and 25 to 49 pounds in weight. Similarly, the toy size Bernedoodles have 12 to 17 inches height with 10 to 24 pounds weight. Usually, the female Bernedoodles have smaller sizes as compared to the male Bernedoodles. Moreover, the smaller size Bernedoodles are more demanded in the families as compared to the larger sizes.

Black Bernedoodle temperament

The color of a Bernedoodle is one thing that doesn’t play any role in the temperament of the Bernedoodle. So, any black Bernedoodle can have the same temperament as the other Bernedoodles. Usually, the Bernedoodles are very loyal, strong, friendly, and goofy dogs who like to spend the maximum time with their owners. But sometimes, due to the lonely nature of some Bernedoodles, they built aggressive behavior. So, you can simply provide any Bernedoodle toy for entertainment to your Bernedoodle when you are away.

Black Bernedoodle exercising

Bernedoodles are very energetic dogs and wanted to spend the maximum time playing with the children. So, we can say that your Bernedoodle needs moderate exercise daily. You can simply take your Bernedoodle for short walking trips. But make sure to don’t over-exercise your Bernedoodle to prevent some side effects. Over-exercising can lead your Bernedoodle to heating issues, especially during the summer season; it makes sure to take care of the exercising time as well. Some Bernedoodle exercising toys are also available; you can simply provide these toys to your Bernedoodle if you don’t have much time.

Black Bernedoodle health

Health is another thing that doesn’t depend upon the Bernedoodle color. A black Bernedoodle can have the same health issues as a white Bernedoodle. The main health issues of the Bernedoodles are hip or elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and some skin issues as well. Most of the health issues are inherited from the parents, so make sure to properly test the parents before the breeding process.

Black Bernedoodle life span

Black Bernedoodle’s life span is another factor which is not affected by the color of any Bernedoodle. The life span of any Bernedoodle is mostly dependent upon the size of the Bernedoodle. A tiny black Bernedoodle may have expensive as compared to the miniature and standard black Bernedoodles. The one reason for the more price of the smaller sizes Bernedoodles is their more lifespan. The families usually prefer the Bernedoodle with more life span. A Bernedoodle life span can vary from 10 to 18 inches depending upon their food, sizes, environment, exercising, and care as well.

Black Bernedoodle cost

The cost is another thing that can vary depending upon the color as well. Some colors are less demanding and have a lower price as compared to other colors. But somehow, the cost is also depending upon the production of that specific color Bernedoodle as well. You can roughly expect to pay $2000 to $5000 depending upon the different factors like size, color, and demand. The smaller size black color Bernedoodles are usually expensive as compared to the larger size black color Bernedoodles.

White Bernedoodles

A white color Bernedoodle can come in different color combinations depending upon their parents. The main color combinations in the white color Bernedoodle includes the white and sable, white and brindle, white and black, merle and white, cream and white, and chocolate and white. In all these colors, the white color is the main color with a combination of other colors. Let’s know more about the White Bernedoodles.

White Bernedoodle coat types

A white color Bernedoodle can also have three main coat types, including the straight, wavy, and curly coat. The main difference is in their coat color. In the white Bernedoodles, the more part of the coat is white and gives a white look as compared to the black Bernedoodles. The white Bernedoodles have a complete white chest with very little black color on the back. Some creamy white color Bernedoodles gives a complete white look, and some have a brown back with a complete white chest. The curly type coat is demanding in the white color Bernedoodles as well as the other Bernedoodles. Moreover, the curly coat is less non-shedding as compared to other coat types. That is the one reason that people normally prefer a curly white color Bernedoodle.

White Bernedoodle size

There are three main sizes of the Bernedoodles, and any color can come in any size. You can find a white color Bernedoodle in standard, miniature, and toy Bernedoodles. The color of the Bernedoodle puppy mainly depends upon the color of the parents. If the puppy gets the white color genes from both parents, its color will be white. The toy size white Bernedoodles are more demanded as compared to the bigger sizes. Families usually prefer the smaller sizes to easily adjust in the family.

White Bernedoodle temperament

As discussed above as well, the temperament of a dog does not depend upon its color. It mostly depends upon your behavior with your Bernedoodle. May you prefer to give more time to your black Bernedoodle as compared to your white Bernedoodle. This behavior can affect the temperament of any Bernedoodle. Bernedoodles usually want to spend more time with their owners. But somehow, if you are not giving a proper time to your Bernedoodle, this will affect your Bernedoodle behavior. The lonely dogs usually built aggressive behavior quickly.

White Bernedoodle exercising

Exercising is also very important for any Bernedoodle, independent of the colors. A white Bernedoodle and a black Bernedoodle need the same exercise daily if they have the same size. They like to spend some time walking daily. So, if you don’t have some time to spend with your Bernedoodle, make sure to buy some entertaining toys for your Bernedoodle. These toys are good to keep your Bernedoodle busy.

White Bernedoodle health

As discussed above as well the health is another thing which is not affected by color. Any color Bernedoodle can have any health issues depending upon their parents and routine. The most common Bernedoodle health issues are hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin issues. Your white or black Bernedoodle can have any of these issues irrespective of the color.

White Bernedoodle life span

Life span is another thing that doesn’t depend upon the color of the Bernedoodle. It mostly depends upon the size of the Bernedoodle. The smaller size Bernedoodles are usually had a longer life span as compared to the larger Bernedoodles. That is the one main reason for the smaller Bernedoodles demand as well. A Bernedoodle lifespan can vary from 10 to 18 years, depending upon their sizes.

White Bernedoodle cost

A white Bernedoodle and a black Bernedoodle can be expensive as compared to the other Bernedoodles. Their more price is usually due to their less production. You may find only one solid black or white color, Bernedoodles, from all the litters. So, the less production with more demand increases the price of the white Bernedoodles.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the white Bernedoodles and Black Bernedoodles only differ in color. All the other features are the same in both Bernedoodles. The color is the one thing that depends upon the genes they inherited from their parents. A black and white color, Bernedoodles, can come in any size and standard coat types. Both have the same cost and life span depending upon their size. Moreover, the temperament of any Bernedoodle is mostly dependent upon your behavior with your Bernedoodle dog. If you spend more time with your Bernedoodle, they will be loyal, gentle, and friendly; otherwise, they can build aggressive behavior.

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