Why Bernedoodle Puppies Are So Expensive? They are High Demand Puppies!

Why Bernedoodle is Expensive? The Bernedoodle puppies are relatively higher in price as compared to the other breeds. The maintenance of these dogs is also higher as compared to the other dogs. The cost also depends on the size as the bigger sizes of Bernedoodles have more maintenance costs than the smaller sizes.

When we talk about the average cost range of the Bernedoodles, it can vary in the range of $3000 to $4000 depending upon their color, generation, and coat type. They have some general features like a hypo-allergic coat, pet-friendly, cuteness overload, and social behavior that make these dogs expensive.

Why are Bernedoodle puppies so expensive
Why are Bernedoodle puppies so expensive?

There are some other unique factors as well, which are responsible for their higher price.

Let’s discuss these unique factors to know why the Bernedoodles are more expensive?


Although the Bernedoodle breeding started in 2003, they are more popular than any other breed. Popularity is the main reason for the Bernedoodles’ higher price as compared to others. Their higher demand is due to their unique qualities as compared to other breeds. You can easily adjust this dog in your family compared to any other dog breed. Moreover, the tri-color Bernedoodles are more demanding with less success rate as compared to others.

Success Rate

When the Bernedoodle-breeding started, the success rate of this breeding was low. Especially of those puppies which have more demands in the families. Due to the low success rate, the Bernedoodles are expensive. Although due to many new breeders in the Bernedoodle breeding, the quantity of the Bernedoodles increases. But the demand for the Bernedoodle is also increasing at the same rate. So due to this same behavior in the demand and production rate, the cost is still higher than other breeds.


Maintenance of the Bernedoodles is also another important factor of its higher price. The Bernedoodle dogs require more attention as compared to any other breed to maintain their perfect look. Although the maintenance cost also varies for the different coat types, it still has a minor difference. Due to their longer and curlier coats, they require more attention to prevent mats.

Moreover, as these dogs are very famous among families, all of them want a Bernedoodle with some basic training to adjust quickly with family. So the basic training also plays role in the maintenance cost of the Bernedoodles.

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From all the above discussion, we can observe that irrespective of the Bernedoodle beauty and social behavior, the three main factors for the Bernedoodle’s higher price are their demand, production rate, and maintenance cost.

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