Why get a Bernedoodle? Habits and Features you need to know

A Bernedoodle dog is a mix dog between Bernese mountain dog and a poodle dog. When we talk about the Bernese mountain dog, it is a good temperament dog with perfect loyalty nature. When we talk about poodles, it is a good intelligent dog.

The main purpose of getting a Bernedoodle is to get a perfectly loyal and intelligent dog. This dog gets the maximum traits from their parents.  This process is just started in 2003 to get a good nature dog. But after that, a lot of variety comes in the Bernedoodle depending upon their parents. So we can say that initially, the purpose of this cross is to get a good loyal and intelligent dog.

Why get a Bernedoodle
Why get a Bernedoodle

But you should  know there is a lot of variety in Bernedoodle sizes, colors, generation, and coat types. Today, the main purpose of this dog can be different. For example, this dog has a coat which is low to non-shedding as compared to other breeds. So the families which have the dog allergies like these dogs very much. Nowadays this is one of the main reason for their demand. So we can say that the purpose of getting a Bernedoodle is changed with time. Let’s discuss some modern day purposes of getting the Bernedoodle dog.

Hypoallergenic coat                   

Bernedoodles have a hypoallergenic coat as compared to many other breeds as discuss above. This is the one main reason for getting the Bernedoodles in modern days. The hypoallergenic coat Bernedoodles are more demanded as compared to other Bernedoodles.


Bernedoodles are the family-friendly dogs and can be easily adjustable in any family. They are ready to grab the attention of any family due to their loving nature. This dog loves to play with kids and can spend maximum time in paying as compared to other breeds. Moreover, you can also train it for many family manners due to its intelligent nature.


Bernedoodles has a strong temperament which is responsible for their great social activities. You can easily adjust these dogs with other pets as well. In fact, these dogs can make strong bonds with the other pets of your family.


Bernedoodles are very cute with their variety of sizes and color variations. The different coat types, colors, and sizes make these dogs very attractive for the families. So we can say that the cuteness is overloaded in the Bernedoodles.

Exercise partner

Moreover, some people also get Bernedoodles because of their perfect walking nature. Bernedoodles love to spend the time with their owners on small walking trips. People love to take their Bernedoodles on the morning walk.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that the main purpose of getting a Bernedoodle is to get a good loyal and intelligent dog. But a lot of variety of the Bernedoodle color, size, and coat types makes it more attractive for the people.

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