Why does my Bernedoodle sleep so much? Dog’s Sleep Problem

When we talk about your Bernedoodle sleeping, it’s essential during the early age of your Bernedoodle. A Bernedoodle puppy needs to sleep more for the development of its brain and central nervous system. The more sleeping time of your Bernedoodle helps strengthen the bones and muscles of your Bernedoodle puppy. The more sleep of your Bernedoodle puppy helps it to become your perfect companion early.

Why does my Bernedoodle sleep so much

When we talk about the average sleeping period of your puppy, it can be around 90% of his total one day time. Your three months Bernedoodle puppy can spend 15 to 20 hours in sleep.

So when we talk about them too much sleep of a Bernedoodle, it’s normal during the early age of your Bernedoodle. But when your Bernedoodle grows, its sleeping routine will minimize depending upon its food and routine. If your young puppy sleep so much, it can be dangerous for its health. You can easily judge if your Bernedoodle sleeps enough or not. If you think your Bernedoodle behavior is normal after wake up, then your Bernedoodle has done with its sleeping. But if it behaves awkward, it is mean your Bernedoodle needs more sleep.

The young Bernedoodle more sleeping is due to a lot of factors, including food, daily routine, and Nap times. It would be best if you made a proper routine of your Bernedoodle to help it stay active the whole day.

Reasons for your Bernedoodle more sleep

If you think your puppy Bernedoodle sleep much, it’s ok as we discuss above its necessary for a puppy Bernedoodle growth. But a young Bernedoodles routine should be different on its excellent health, and active behavior. It would be best if you made a proper routine for your Bernedoodle concerning its mealtime, playtime, and naptime.

When we talk about the mealtime, a proper amount of nutrition is necessary for a young Bernedoodle to stay active and healthy. It would be best if you made a proper two-time feeding plan for your young Bernedoodle. The improper timing and amount of the food can be one of the reasons for young Bernedoodle more sleep.

Playtime of your young Bernedoodle

The second important thing is the playtime of your young Bernedoodle.

The Bernedoodles are very playful and active dogs and need proper regular playtime. Sometimes people don’t have the time to spend with their Bernedoodles, which directly affects the behavior of their Bernedoodle. So if you noticed the inactive behavior of your Bernedoodle, this could be one of the reasons.

The third important thing is the Naptime of your Bernedoodle. The naptime is referred to as a small period of the Bernedoodle sleeping, especially during the day time. So you need to provide a proper naptime to your Bernedoodle to prevent it from additional sleeping.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the more sleeping of a puppy Bernedoodle is regular. But when it’s come to young Bernedoodles, it can be due to a lot of factors, as discussed above. So make sure to make a proper routine of your Bernedoodle depending upon the above-listed factors.


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