What is the Coloring on a Bernedoodle? All Colors of Bernedoodle Breed

The Bernedoodles come in many different bi and tri-colors depending upon their parents and generations. When we talk about the first generation Bernedoodles, they come in traditional bi-color and tri-colors. These colors include the tri-color phantom, phantom, tri-color sable, sable phantom, sable and white, brindle and white, black, black and white, Party, tri-color merle, merle and white, and merle phantom.

What is the coloring on a Bernedoodle

Similarly, when we talk about the second generation Bernedoodle colors, they come in traditional tri-color phantom, phantom, tri-color sable, sable phantom, sable and white, and brindle and white. Moreover in black, black and white, Party, tri-color merle, merle and white, merle phantom, cream, cream and white, chocolate, chocolate and white, chocolate and phantom.

So we can say that both generations come in almost the same colors with a little more variety in the second generation. Let’s discuss something more about these colors to know about the coloring on the Bernedoodles.

Merle tri-color

When we talk about the merle, it’s more about the style of the coat rather than the color. In this type of coats, the white and gray patterns appear on the black color coat. The combination of these colors makes it look like bluish. The solid color can be any other color rather than black, like red and brown. Sometimes people also knew these Bernedoodles as blue merles.

Sable Bernedoodle

Sable Bernedoodle has the black color tipper hairs with some other background color. There is no any particular patterns in these Bernedoodles like the merle tri-colors. Sometimes these dogs have the white color like the Bernese mountain dog as compared to entirely sable.

Brindle Bernedoodle                                    

Bridle Bernedoodle is also a coloring pattern dog like the merle tri-color. These Bernedoodles has a brindle pattern like the tiger coat. So people also have known these as a “tiger-striped” Bernedoodle. The brindle can some with different solid colors like blue and red. The brindle color is more depends upon the age of the Bernedoodle. The bridle can be solid brindle, brindle with white, and brindle abstract.

Phantom Bernedoodle

This Bernedoodle has one main color with the tips of any other color. When we talk about the common phantom Bernedoodles, they include the silver phantom with white points, chocolate phantom with cream points, and black phantom with tan points. The maximum phantom Bernedoodles has a black base.

Black and white Bernedoodle

The black and white Bernedoodles are entirely in black and white color without any pattern or tips. They have the black color on the face, legs and white color around nose, on leg-ends, and the chest.

Conclusion on Colors of  Bernedoodle

From all the above discussion, we can observe that Bernedoodles can come in different bi-colors and tri-colors depending upon the color of the Bernedoodles. Moreover, the second generation of Bernedoodles has more variety as compared to the first generation. The most demanding colors of the Bernedoodles are tri-colors, which are not easy to achieve.

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