How much and how often to feed Bernedoodle puppy?

How much and how often to feed Bernedoodle Puppy? It mostly depends upon the size and the age of your Bernedoodle. Moreover, it’s also different if your Bernedoodle is a puppy or full-grown. Bernedoodle is a crossing of the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. These dogs get the best traits from their parents. When we talk about the Bernese mountain dog, they love to eat.

Bernedoodles usually eat everything you put in front of them. So make sure to give them proper food. The main factors that play a role in the Bernedoodle puppy food are the size, activity, age, and health condition of your Bernedoodle.

How much and how often to feed Bernedoodle puppy

When you think about Bernedoodle food, make sure to provide the best well-balanced diet to your Bernedoodle. The Bernedoodle dogs need food, which is comprised of both animal and plant proteins. The best food for your Bernedoodle can be an egg, poultry, lamb, and beef. Moreover, add rice and vegetables to the Bernedoodle daily diet.

If you can’t provide well-balanced food to your Bernedoodle, it can lead to severe health issues. Let’s know more about the Bernedoodle food amount and timing.

Amount of food

Basically, we will talk about how much they need. The amount of Bernedoodle dog food mostly depends upon the size and the nutritional needs. Don’t overfeed them, because they love to eat and can get excessive weight. The obese Bernedoodle can develop heart and bone problems. So make sure to monitor your puppy’s weight regularly. If your dog is rapidly gaining too much weight, you need to change its diet plan and consult a vet as soon as possible.

  • Usually, a 3 to 12 pounds Bernedoodle needs 1/3 to 1 cup dry food daily,
  • A 26 to 50 pounds Bernedoodle needs 2 to 2.7 cups of dry food daily.
  • Similarly, a Bernedoodle with a weight of 76 to 100 pounds needs 3.3 to 4.25 cups of dry food daily.

Food Timing 

Now we will talk about how often? Food timing is essential for any dog, regardless of its size, weight, and age. You can’t just put everything in front of your dog at any random time of day. During the early age of your Bernedoodle, it’s a good idea to feed regularly at small intervals. After that, you have to adjust your Bernedoodle diet. Make a proper diet plan. Better to consult a vet.

Let’s talk about the general rule when your puppy age is about four months. You can set a proper diet plan for your Bernedoodle.

  • You can feed your Bernedoodle three times a day till the age of six months.
  • After that, the Bernedoodle growth will be slower, and you need to move towards feeding twice a day.

You can maintain this timetable for the rest of Bernedoodle’s life.

It has been observed that the older Bernedoodles can’t finish all their food in one sitting and need a small amount after short intervals. So make sure to take proper care of your Bernedoodle during its older age.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the Bernedoodle food amount and timing depend upon its size and age. But the first six months are most important. After that, you can follow any regular diet plan.

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