The Best Bernedoodle Breeders Around The World

The first Bernedoodle from successful breeding appeared in 2003 when a Berne mountain dog crossed with a poodle. Since 2003 people loved Bernedoodle’s unique features as compared to other healthy dogs. Berne gets the best traits from their parents, but they have a unique feature of hypoallergenic coats due to which people are more attracted to them. Before that, people didn’t like the allergic hair of these dogs and never prefer to get them in a family house. After many successful breedings, people changed their minds, and now its demand is increasing day by day.

bernedoodle breeders
bernedoodle breeders

Moreover, these dogs are so attractive because of their intelligence and friendly behavior. They come in different sizes, which makes it easy for people to choose according to their needs. Since their demand is increasing day by day, many breeders are trying to produce these specials dogs and introducing them all over the world.

Moreover, we know they are not natural, so it takes some time to get perfect results, and people have to wait for them. Sometimes people are in a hurry and just buy a Bernedoodle which doesn’t have any health certificated etc. So, Don’t be in a hurry! Do your research before making any purchase. Let’s have a look at the breeders’ list.

Benedoodle Breeders USA:

Bernedoodle breeders usa
Bernedoodle breeders (USA)

1. Utah Bernedoodles (USA)

Utah Bernedoodle is a unique world of Bernedoodles. They raise Bernedoodles in America. Their main goal is to obtain a colorful, healthy, calm nature and great temperament Bernedoodle dog. They mainly focus on trio colors like sable, merle, and phantom. Occasionally they also get white and black. They are providing the standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Micro min Bernedoodles. Moreover, they are also working on Australian Bernedoodles. Hopefully, they will include the Australian Bernedoodle in 2020 program.

Whenever you decide to buy a Bernedoodle from them, you need to fill out an online application first; then, if they have the puppies, they will provide you. Mostly they don’t have the puppies at the same time due to their increasing demand. So maybe you have to wait for it.

Visit Utah Bernedoodles website

2. Bubbling Springs (USA)

Bubbling-Springs is a small breeder company located in Pennsylvania. They started breeding almost six years ago. They usually take much time to pair their puppies, so the results are excellent in maximum cases. Their puppies are usually healthy, loyal, intelligent, and beautiful. BubblingSprings treat their puppies like family members, so if you are looking for an excellent loyal family-friendly Bernedoodle, you can go there. They also have the trainer to provide the training to your puppy and even provide transportation with extra cost.

They are producing the trio colors beautiful dogs. You can also get any size according to your needs as they are producing the different sizes from small size to large size. You don’t need to worry about health; they also provide the health certificates of puppies’ parents. When you decide to buy a puppy, there are different prices for different age ranges. If you buy a puppy for less than six weeks, you need to deposit $300. There are many other formalities you need to fulfill; they don’t’ t have a puppy at the same time; your name will be on the waiting list. You have to wait for your requested puppy due to their increasing demand.

Visit bubbling springs website

3. Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles (USA)

Rocky-Mountain is a unique Breeding company located in Montrose, Colorado. They are producing family breeding dogs from the past 20 years. RMB is primarily known for producing beautiful Bernedoodle puppies. They are providing all types of Bernedoodles like standard, mini, tinny, and Australian Bernedoodles.

RMB is producing different tri-color puppies. They are expecting the Black tricolor, sable tricolor, phantom, bicolor, party color, and chocolate color soon.

They have different sizes and colors depending upon the demand. When we talk about health, you don’t need to worry; all the puppies come with three years of health guarantee. They also give the lifetime sport for their puppies. If you decide to get the puppies from them, you need to deposit $500 to add your name on the waiting list. Because of heavy demands, you have to wait.

Visit Rocky Mountain website

4. Recherche Bernese (USA)

Recherche Bernese is a passionate Breeder and also a trainer of Bernedoodle dogs. They have a separate trainer program. If you are looking for training your puppy, you can hire them. They have a training institute. There all the puppies are fully trained. There each pup goes hundreds of hours of training. They have all the sizes of Bernedoodles, and you can buy them. Moreover, you can also purchase different color puppies.

To ensure the health issues, they import all their Mountain Bernese from Europe because the European Bernese has greater genetic diversity. When you decided to buy the puppy, you need to fill the online application to move into the waiting list with some advance payment. There all the puppies come with four years of warranty.

Visit Recherche Bernese website

5. Ranch House Bernedoodles (USA)

This breeder is breeding the Bernedoodles in a small ranch in Montrose. The main goal of this breeder is to grow a family. There Bernedoodles are more than pets; they are the family member for him. You can buy different sizes of Bernedoodles form there. Their goal is to produce a beautiful, intelligent, and great personality.

They have different price ranges depending upon the size color and various features. They mostly deliver the puppy to your home after the eight week age of puppy. You need to fill the online application form with a $500 deposit to add your name to the waiting list.

Visit the Ranch House website 

6. Alpine Bernedoodles (USA)

Alpine-Bernedoodles is located in southwestern Colorado. They are working for the last 16 years to produce exceptional quality Bernedoodles with excellent health and sound temperament. There every puppy is family-friendly and physically healthy. They provide the four types of Bernedoodles, including Miniature, Micro-mini, tinny and Australian Bernedoodles.

They ensure the health of each Bernedoodles. You can buy any color puppy, depending upon your choice. Alpine is a licensed breeding facility with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. There all puppies come with a two-year warranty. If you are looking to purchase the puppy from them, you need to fill out the application form and deposit the $500 to include your name on the waitlist. After the six weeks of puppy birth, They will contact you to choose your puppy. So don’t’ be late; they can offer your puppy to any other family due to it’s increasing demand.

Visit the Alphine Bernedoodle website

7. Honey Creek Puppies (USA)

Honey-Creek-Puppies is a small breeder located near Kokomo, Indiana. They are breeding for many years but started the Bernedoodles breeding from the last four years. HoneyCreek is producing excellent temperament, healthy, and beautiful Bernedoodles. They are currently providing the standard and Miniature and planned to produce more soon.

Their main goal is to produce the home friendly puppies from the very beginning. So, if you are looking for a family-friendly puppy, you can buy from them. After the six to seven weeks, their puppies are ready to deliver. There are different price ranges for various conditions. If you are looking to add your name to the future list, you need to pay $100. You can buy a Bernedoodle With a range of $2000 to $3500.

Visit Honey Creeks website

8. Glasshouse Puppies (USA)

Glasshouse Puppies is the home of Bernedoodles. They just started breeding in 2016. Their goal is to produce the healthiest and intelligent puppies. They have almost all sizes of Bernedoodles. Although they have a limited color range so for but they planned to produce the different colors in the next two-year program. When we talk about health, they are so carrying about their puppies and take the test regularly to prevent tier puppies from dysplasia.

If you are planning to buy the Bernedoodles from them, you need to book your name on the list. You can buy a Bernedoodle between the ranges of $2000 to $4000 from there.

Visit Glasshouse Puppies website

9. LK Bernedoodle (USA)

They are the premier Bernedoodle breeders located in Pacific Northwest. LK has all the generations of Bernedoodls with different sizes and colors. LK-Bernedoodle also provides extended puppy training to learn the manners, various commands, and the beginning stages of potty training. The puppy needs training during the first weeks of their birth to lean the manners. They are passionate about providing healthy Bernedoodles to their customers.

Visit LK Bernedoodle Website

10. Cobblestone Bernedoodles (USA)

Julia Martin is the owner of Cobblestone Bernedoodles, located in South Carolina. She loves animals from their childhood and just started breeding. Julia is passionate about providing well-trained and healthy puppies to families. She is producing the different colors line sable, Bi colors, and tri-colors with all the sizes of bernedoodle, including mini and tiny size Bernedoodles. She has all the Bernedoodles from ranges 45 to 80 pounds.

Visit Cobblestone Website

11. Best Bernedoodles (USA)

Best-Bernedoodles is located in Green Ville, SC, America. They have the Bernedoodles families in Detroit, MI, Allentown, PA, and San Francisco. The loyal, healthy, and excellent temperament is some words family uses when they want to buy a Bernedoodles. Best-Bernedoodles are striving to provide the perfect family Bernedoodles with a great attitude and excellent health. Best-Bernedoodles specialize in tri-color and bi-color Bernedoodles.

They have all sizes of Bernedoodles with different colors. You need to apply online to book your name on the waiting list. Due to their increasing demand, you need to weight some time to get your four-leg family member.

Visit Best Bernedoodle Website

12. Ginger Top (USA)

Ginger-Top Breeders are believed to give a healthy start to their puppies to live a long and healthy life. There first and the most crucial step is to select the parents with a great temperament. Moreover, they take some health tests and x-ray to insure the puppy health. Their puppies born and raised in a family environment, so if you are looking for a family-Bernedoodle, you are at the right place.

Visit Ginger Top Website

13. Angel Breeze Puppies (USA)

Angel Breeze puppies located in Coshocton County in America. Their team consists of a husband and a wife who loves animals, especially dogs. They started breeding in 2013 for different generations, and they conduct various physical exams during the different age periods to ensure the excellent health of their puppies.

They have different price ranges for different colors. A tri-color puppy can be in the range of $2500 to $3000: solid colors and bi-colors within the range of $1200 to $1800. You can buy a Phantom within the range of $2200 to $2500.

Visit Angel Breeze Website

14. Central Illinois Doodles (USA)

Central Illinois Doodles is a reputable Bernedoodle breeder in Illinois. They specialize in raising happy, healthy, well-socialized F1 miniature and F1B micro mini bernedoodle puppies. Their bernedoodle puppies are available in both traditional black tri-color and blue merle black tri-color.

As a professional family-owned breeder, they understand the importance of having happy, healthy, well-socialized puppies with fantastic temperaments. To achieve these essential traits in their puppies, they began by having high breeding standards. All their adult canines are vet checked, and health tested to ensure they are raising healthy puppies. When their puppies are a few days old, they begin with a socialization program called early neurological stimulation to ensure they are properly socialized and accustomed to human touch even before opening their eyes.

Located in Central Illinois, about 2.5 hours south of Chicago, they have puppies living nationwide and even in Canada.

Visit the Central Illinois Doodles website.

Bernedoodle Breeder Canada:

Bernedoodle breeders canada
Bernedoodle breeders (Canada)

1. SwissRidge Kennel (Canada)

If you are looking for the best four-leg friend shortly, you can go SwissRidge Kennel. SwissRidge is home of sweetest and beautiful Bernedoodle and many other dogs in North America. They have many happy and great customers all over the world. They almost have 20 years of experience in breeding dogs of different types. You are contacting a large company of dog-breeding with all the facilities. They take a series of different health tests like skin, elbow, eye, and many other tests.

If you are looking for the best family member, may this one is best for you. You can buy a different size of Bernedoodles from there. They also produce a variety of colors. If you decide to buy this dog, you don’t need to fill an online form, etc. You can just call them for further information. Usually, you need to wait due to the increasing demand for Bernedoodles.

 Visit SwissRidge Kennel Website

Bernedoodle Breeders UK

Bernedoodle breeders UK
Bernedoodle breeders (UK)

1. Curtabernedoodles (UK)

Curtabernedoodles is a UK based company which covers all the United Kingdom and Europe. They are passionate and professional in providing the breeding and stud services of Bernedoodles. They also offer puppy training.  The company owner has a degree in health and welfare. There exclusive line of quality is “Well-bred and raised doodle dog.” This company doesn’t sell their puppies to breeders. They just sell the puppies to families.

There all the puppies born and raised in a beautiful environment. They have different sizes of puppies with wonderful trio and bio colors. When you have decided to buy a puppy from them, you need to deposit the 500 Euro to reserve your name on the master list. Due to their increasing demand, you need to weight to buy a perfect Bernedoodle for your family. They have different price ranges depending upon their size and features. You can buy an ideal Bernedoodle with the range of 1500 to 3500 Euros.

Visit Curtabernedoodle website

2. Massachusetts Bernedoodles (UK)

Massachusetts is a home-based breeder in the United Kingdom. Their puppies are home raised and cuddled by the people from the day they born. Their house is like a doggie daycare center where all the dogs play and sleep together. They are social, loving, and trained dogs, especially for homes. So if you are looking for a good family trained dog this can be the best choice for you.

They have a little collection of dogs, but they have planned to breed the different categories in the future to give some variety to families. Currently, they have black, white, brown, and sable tri-color in their home and have different sizes with different price ranges.  Massachusetts-Bernedoodles have the best healthy and energetic puppies in their home. When you decide to buy a Bernedoodle, you need to fill out the online deposit form and pay some advance fee to reserve the name in the future list.

Visit Massachusetts Bernedoodle website

Benerdoodle Breeders Australia:

Bernedoodle breeders australia
Bernedoodle breeders (Australia)

1. Bernedoodle Australia (Australia)

They have located in the Macarthur region of NSW, just one hour’s drive from Sydney. They are breeding intelligent and healthy dogs from 1982.  Their dogs are smart and loyal, which makes them world-class quality. They treat their dogs like family members. If you are looking for a perfect four-leg family member, their dogs can be the best choice. They have different sizes of dogs with different ranges of color.

There Bernedoodle is calm, fun-loving, and has a great temperament. You can train them efficiently for different purposes. These Bernedoodle have the vaccination at the age of 6 months, so you need to provide them two more vaccinations. They have the Bernedoodles in different price ranges depending upon the demand.

Visit Bernedoodle Australia Website

Bernedoodle Breeders Mexico

Bernedoodle breeders Mexico
Bernedoodle breeders Mexico

1. Prairie Hill Puppies (Mexico)

They are a husband and a wife with three children located in Hutchinson. Prairie-Hill is breeding the Bernedoodles from the past ten years and providing lifetime support to their customers. They are passionate about providing outstanding, beautiful, and socialize puppies to their customers. They believe in providing healthy puppies to their customers. All their parents are registered, and DNA tested to prevent the puppies from any disease. You can buy the different color puppies from there. They are the full breeders so that you can find a variety of Bernedoodle from them.

Visit Prairie Hill Puppies website.

Benerdoodle Breeders Netherlands


1.Krassenberg’s Bernedoodles (NetherLands)

They are Bernedoodle breeder located in Silvolde, the Netherlands. They are producing family breeding dogs from the past 30 years, but the bernedoodle for about 5 years. Krassenberg is known for breeding beautiful bernedoodle puppies. They have bred different tri-color puppies, also many puppies with the traditional markings, merle tri rust, tan, and brown tan tri puppies. They are providing all types of Bernedoodles like standard, mini, and Australian Bernedoodles. All their dogs are thoroughly tested for hips/elbows and eyes, and also for Embark.

All the puppies come with a year of health guarantee. If you decide to get the puppies from them, you need to deposit 20 euros to add your name to the waiting list. Because of heavy demands, you have to wait.

Visit Krassenberg’s Website


Hopefully, you will spend some time before buying your desired puppy. We have done maximum work for you to make a secure purchase. We have researched the best sellers all over the world and made a list of all the best Bernedoodle sellers.

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