How much does a Bernedoodle Cost ? Factors Affecting Price

Calculating cost of bernedoodle is not a straightforward process. A Bernedoodle is not a natural puppy; it comes from the breeding of two different types of male and female dogs. Officially, Bernedoodle breeding started in 2003. Its popularity is increasing day by day as compared to all other breeds due to its loving, loyal, energetic behavior. When we talk about the cost of this particular breed, it can be higher than the other breeds due to its high demand.

Moreover, the price also depends upon the breeders; some breeders have high rates due to their quality facilities. If you want to buy a Bernedoodle, you need to have a budget of $2500 to $5000 range depending upon your choice. The average cost of a Bernedoodle is around $4000, depending upon the different features.

Factors Affecting Price:

All the Bernedoodle don’t have the same color and size, which reflects in their prices. More demanded color and size have a higher rate as compared to others. Many other factors decide the amount of a Bernedoodle which includes:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Generation type
  • Coat
  • Health & physical strength
  • Breeder’s reputation
  • Care and maintenance

These are some points which directly reflect in the Bernedoodle price. The cost will be higher if you are looking for a breeder for exercising and training your Bernedoodle. Let’s see how all the above points reflect in the Bernedoodle price.

1. Color

A Bernedoodle comes in different colors depending upon their parents. A Bernedoodle can have a single- color, Bi-color, or tri-color. The phantom and the solid black color is the most common colors in Bernedoodles that’s why these color Bernedoodles are cheapest as compared to others. Bi-color Bernedoodle can have a combination of any two colors from black, white, and brown. Bi-color Bernedoodle cost is higher as compare to single-color Bernedoodle. The most expensive and the rare are the tri-color Bernedoodles. The tri-color Bernedoodle can have a white, black, and brown color. These are the most expensive as compared to all others due to their less production.

2. Size

How big a bernedoodle can get

As the female poodle comes in three different sizes, so depending upon the poodle size, the Bernedoodle also comes in three main sizes; standard, miniature, and toy size. A standard Bernedoodle can weight 88 pounds with 32 inches height. The Miniature Bernedoodle weighs 24 to 49 pounds with 18 to 22 inches in height, and The Toy Bernedoodle weighs 8 to 23 pounds with 12 to 16 inches in height. Toy and miniature Bernedoodle are more expensive as compared to the standard size, due to their energetic behavior and more demand.

3. Generation Type

Most of the breeders divide the Bernedoodle in mainly three generations, which are known as F1, F1b, and F2 generation. All of these generations have different features and prices. When we talk about the F1 generation, it’s the cross-breeding of the pure Bernese mountain dog and the pure poodle. So we can say that in this generation, the Bernedoodle has 50% traits from Bernese mountain dogs and 50% from the poodle. This is the pure breed for the Bernedoodle, so it’s the most expensive among all other generations.

The second generation is F1b, which is the cross-breeding of F1 generation and poodle. So we can say that the second generation Bernedoodle has 25% traits from the Bernese and 75% traits from the poodle. This generation of puppies is better for allergy suffers as compared to other generations.

The third generation is the F2 generation, which is the cross-breeding of F1 generation Bernedoodle male and female. F2 is the cheapest among all the generations, as it’s more like a natural breed as compared to others.

4. Coat

A Bernedoodle can have different coats like curly, wavy, and straight with various features. Although a dog can’t have a completely hypo-allergic coat, some Bernedoodle is better for allergic suffers. The Bernedoodle with low shedding and hypo-allergenic qualities are more attractive for the peoples. The curly coat Bernedoodle has the curly hair all over the body.

The wavy coat Bernedoodle has some straight hair on the muzzle and wavy hair on the other body. The Bernedoodle with the straight coat has straight hair all over the body. The straight coat Bernedoodle is more expensive as they are better for allergic suffers and has more demand as compared to others.

5. Health and Physical Strength

The health and physical strength of a Bernedoodle plays a vital role in the coat. When we talk about health and physical strength, it depends upon the Bernedoodle parents. So for a healthy puppy, we need to find out the healthy parents with no health issues.

The Bernese mountain dog has many health issues, so breeders need to find a healthy Bernese mountain dog, which directly reflects in the Bernedoodle price. The breeders need to take several tests of the parents before breeding to ensure the good health and physical strength of the puppy.

6. Breeders Reputation

Breeder’s reputation can create a much difference in the cost like any other business. The breeders who have many years of experience in this field are more expensive as compared to the beginners. The experience breeders only raise quality Bernedoodle. They know everything about the Bernedoodle breeding and always try to have perfect parents for the Bernedoodle reproduction. To find the ideal parents for crossbreeding, the experience breeders even import the dogs from other countries.

Moreover, the experience breeders are more expertise in breeding, handling, and training of the new puppies. That’s why their price is high as compared to the others.

7. Care and maintenance

The entire puppy Bernedoodles needs some extra care other than the initial vaccination. Not just about the medical point of view, the breeders must take care of the puppies’ food and exercise, etc. The Bernedoodle parents don’t care much about their puppies, so breeders take responsibility for their extraordinary growth. Due to the less carrying nature of their parents, the Bernedoodle survival rate is low. Only four will survive from six or seven puppies.

Moreover, the pregnancy rate of the poodle is also shallow; a poodle needs 3 to 4 tries to get pregnant. Sometimes a poodle doesn’t get pregnant in whole life.

More Expenses

The Bernedoodle expenses just start after the purchasing of the Bernedoodle because you need to train your Bernedoodle for a quality life. Moreover, you need to fulfill its basic needs of food and shelter, etc. After the purchasing of the Bernedoodle, the expenses can be divided into one time and recurring expenses.

1. One-time Expenses

One-time expenses are those expenses that need only one time after the purchasing of the Bernedoodle.

2. Shelter

A shelter usually is not required because the Bernedoodle lovers can adjust their pets anywhere in the home. Sometimes you might have visitors who come to your home and don’t like the friendly nature of dogs. So there must be a separate shelter at home for your Bernedoodle.

Shelter size can be varying depending upon the size of Bernedoodle. Bernedoodles are very intelligent, so they can efficiently train for shelter. The shelter prices can be ranging from $25 to $60 depending upon their size.

3. Transportation

This is the one time cost which depends upon your geographical location. Moreover, some breeders provide this facility, but some don’t have this facility, which increases the cost of transportation. If you have the time you can pick your puppy yourself, you can consider only fuel cost in this case. If you are looking for delivery within the continental US, this may cost $300 to $900. For the other state territories, this may cost from $500 to $3500.

4. Documentation

The registration of mixed breeds is not as easy as pure breeds. The most famous clubs the people know are American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club; they don’t accept the Bernedoodle breeds. It’s doesn’t mean that you can’t register them. There are some exclusive designer clubs like Designer Dogs Kennel Club, The International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry, and American Canine Hybrid Club; you can register your Bernedoodle there. The starting price in these clubs starts from $25, depending upon the registry.

But if you don’t have a plan to participate in Bernedoodle events, you don’t have to register them. For registration purposes, you also need a dog license, which may cost around $15.

Recurring Expenses

Recurring expenses included all those expenses which needed throughout the Bernedoodle lifespan.

1. Food

Food is necessary for every living thing to complete its nutritional needs. When we talk about the Bernedoodle food, it’s varying depending upon the size of the Bernedoodle. A standard Bernedoodle needs more calories as compared to miniature and toy Bernedoodle. A standard Bernedoodle needs 1400 to 1800 calories daily, and a miniature Bernedoodle needs 750 to 1400 calories daily, and the toy Bernedoodle needs 400 to 960 calories daily. You can buy a high-quality 25-pound nutritious food around $30 to $90.

2. Veterinary care

There can be certain health issues with the Bernedoodles, especially when the parents have chosen without any care. The Bernese mountain dogs have several health issues, so there is a need for routine checkups for their puppies. So be prepared for the regular checkup, which may cost around $50 for each checkup. Moreover, when you receive your Bernedoodle, you need to continue their vaccination process, which may cost approximately $19 to $35 depending upon the clinic.

3. Grooming

The Bernedoodle can have wavy and curly hair so that matting can cause problems for your puppy. To prevent matting, you need to buy a comb around $8 to $10 and brush the hairs daily. Moreover, you can regularly clip your Bernedoodle coat to prevent it from matting. Clipping costs are varying from $55 to $90 each time, depending upon the Bernedoodle size and style.

4. Harness and toys

You need a harness for your Bernedoodle whenever you take it outside in an insecure area. A good and perfect harness must be comfortable around the neck and shoulders of the Bernedoodle. The prices of the harness start from $18 depending upon the brand.

Toys are also essential for Bernedoodle life because sometimes you are not around your dogs. But these toys are very cheap; you can buy a dog toy around $1.


Some commonly asked questions:

What is teddy bear Bernedoodle?

Teddy bear Bernedoodle is nothing; it’s just a normal Bernedoodle. We know the Bernedoodle puppies have a shaggy coat like a teddy bear, so that’s why some times peoples call it teddy bear Bernedoodle.

Are the Bernedoodles good dogs?

Bernedoodle gets the maximum traits from their parents, who are brilliant and loyal dogs. Bernedoodle is also intelligent, hardworking, energetic, and loyal dogs with their families. They are much socialized dogs and good with children and other dogs. Yes, Bernedoodles are good dogs.

What is a Phantom Bernedoodle?

A phantom color dog may have one primary color with the tips of some other color. A phantom may have three colors, but mainly the phantom has a black and brown color.

Do the Bernedoodle puppies change the color?

A Bernedoodle puppy changes its color during the different periods of their life. Sometimes Bernedoodle puppies are changing its color from black to brown, which is known as fading. Normally when a puppy is six weeks old, we can judge its color.

When should we bath our Bernedoodle?

Regularly bathing for Bernedoodle is not suitable due to different health issues. Usually, a Bernedoodle can be washed after 3 to 4 months.

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