Who are SwissRidge Bernedoodles? Their Family, Staff, Facilities and Training Philosophy

If you are looking for a perfect four-leg family member, the SwissRidge is the best site to find that beautiful, intelligent and unique member. SwissRidge is a perfect site to find a variety of Bernedoodles. Sherry Rupke is the owner of SwissRidge Kennels who just started the crossing of Bernese mountain dog and the poodle in 2003.

Rupke is the first one who started this breeding process to get the colorful, great temperament and great personality Bernedoodles. So we can say that the SwissRidge are the most experienced breeders to produce the more socialize, and loving family Bernedoodle dogs.

Why Swissridge Bernedoodles are Famous?

Due to their experience, the SwissRidge Kennels has a variety of sizes and colors as compared to other breeders. Sherry Rupke just started from a dog in their mom’s house after her graduation from college. After that, the dream just becomes true for her and their client list includes the artists, movie stars and athletes. SwissRidge Kennels gains the attention of the people due to the following reasons.

  • SwissRidge gain the reputation by producing the healthy and perfect Bernedoodles. They obtain the health tests before the breeding and show them publically. They also treat their Bernedoodles like family members and provide the lifetime support to their customers.
  • The SwissRidge introduces the “matchmaking” program which is for choosing the right puppy for right client.
  • SwissRidge gains the attention by producing the Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.
  • They have just started the breeding program on animal planet which is on air monthly.
  • They published a book, Bernedoodles about the Bernedoodles complete breeding information.
  • A SwissRidge Facebook page is with over 2500 engaged members, who always share their experience.
  • Sherry Rupke herself looks after each of the activity related to breeding.
  • They have very good relationship with their customers.

These are some main points which are helpful in SwissRidge Bernedoodles success.

Your SwissRidge Journey

If you have decided to buy a dog for your family, you must have started to search out for different dogs. When you see the uniqueness and the beauty of the Bernedoodles, it will be your first choice. Now the next step is to find an experienced breeder who has a variety of Bernedoodles. It is always important to buy hybrid dogs from experienced breeders but in the case of Bernedoodles, it’s become more important. An experienced breeder always knows everything about the Bernedoodles and tries to give every buyer a perfect Bernedoodles matching with its temperament and nature.

The SwissRidge breeders are the most experienced and you can choose them for a perfect Bernedoodle for your family. When you choose the SwissRidge for buying the Bernedoodle for your home, your journey with the SwissRidge is just started. There are certain steps you need to follow for buying the Bernedoodle from SwissRidge Kennels.

  • You need to visit the SwissRidge site and open the puppy menu tab and fill out the adoption form there. You can tell them about your family and your plans to train your puppy. You can also select the color, size, gender and coat of the Bernedoodle.
  • After selection you need to pay your dues accordingly.
  • After the deposit you need to wait depending upon your selection. If you are flexible about your Bernedoodle hopefully you don’t need to wait more. Especially when you are looking for a tri-color Bernedoodle, you need to wait long.
  • You can join the SwissRidge Facebook Group when you are waiting for your puppy. By joining the book you can learn a lot about the Bernedoodles before arriving puppy.
  • You can also check the list to see where you are standing on the list. You can get the rough idea about the timing by visiting the list.
  • You can also change your mind during your waiting period about the color and size of Bernedoodles.
  • One day, you will receive the Email from the SwissRidge about your puppy. This Email usually received after the 2 weeks of puppy birth.
  • There is an imprinting program in SwissRidge. During this program your puppy will stay 10 month extra with SwissRidge, where they learn some manners. So you are going to get a more mature puppy after that program.
  • After 5 to 6 weeks the SwissRidge kennel’s reconfirmed from you about your puppy. During all this waiting period you will receive the photos of your puppy from the SwissRidge Kennel’s. You can also send your preferences about your puppy during this training period.
  • When the Bernedoodle is seven weeks old the SwissRidge perform the Volhard puppy Aptitude Test.
  • After the test the SwissRidge sends you the description of the pup, you have a chance to accept or reject the puppy and pass it to anyone else. If you accept your puppy, you immediately post about if on Facebook Group.
  • After the acceptance, you need to pick up your shipping options according to your locations. The SwissRidge has an orientation session where you can meet with the owners. They can give you some perfect tips about your Bernedoodles.
  • Moreover the SwissRidge always prefer to keep in touch with their clients even after their purchase. They treat their Bernedoodles like the family members. You can also contact them through their email, phone or Facebook page if necessary.

SwissRidge Family

The SwissRidge family is spread all over the North America. They all have the one meeting place, the Facebook Group. The Facebook Group is a perfect platform where all the owners can share their experiences. The SwissRidge family included the many main members which are discussed below.

1. Patricia

She is the mother of Sherry Rupke the owner of SwissRidge Kennels. She registered herself as a nurse and devotes her whole life on carrying the animals. In the age of 16 the Sherry Rupke Introduce her mother with the Bernese. After some time they decided to breed the Bernese. They grow the Bernese business with perfect skills and knowledge of sherry Rupke. After some time the Sherry Rupke hand-over all this Business to her mother Patricia and take the full interest in Goldendoodles. Now the Sherry Rupke is the owner of SwissRidge Kennels.

2. Lucas

Lucas is the SwissRidge Experienced trainer. He is a gifted trainer and the SwissRidge continuously using him for their Bernedoodles perfect behavior. Dogs are the love of the Locus and he is around the dogs since his childhood. He always tries to provide the shelters to homeless dogs. Locus started the dogs training professionally for a security company at the age of 18 years. He has just trained the different dogs in his life. He is also a breeder of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff.

Staff Members

The staff members in the office for different purposes are also dog lovers. They are all have a great contribution in the production of intelligent, healthy and unique Bernedoodles.

1. Mellonie Guillet

Mellonie Guillet works as an administrative and May she is your first point of contact with the SwissRidge Bernedoodles. She is responsible for answering the emails, phone calls, booking appointments and booking flights etc. She is responsible for answering all the quires of the existing and new members of SwissRidge family.

2. LeeAnn Mackay

She is working as operation manager in SwissRidge kennels since 2012. She is responsible to managing all the operations related to Bernedoodles breeding’s. She is responsible for all the works like feeding, cleaning and caring of Bernedoodles. She is also a family lover which makes her more concentrate on her work.

3. Stephanie McQuaid

She is the attendant at SwissRidge Kennels. She loves this job due to her love for dogs. She loves to play with dogs and seeing the dogs to making the new families.

4. Jessie Blair

She is also the attendant at SwissRidge Kennels. She is the student of Queen University and also working at SwissRidge Kennels. She has different responsibilities like feeding, exercising and cleaning out pens.

5. Chloe Anderson Duvall

She is also the attendant at SwissRidge Kennels. She is a high school student with life goals of becoming the veterinary technician. She has different responsibilities at SwissRidge with the other family members.

6. Jacquelyn Caldwell

She is also the attendant at SwissRidge with different responsibilities. She likes to bottle feeding the puppies. She also loves the animals. So we can say that all the members of SwissRidge kennels are animal lovers that are why their dogs have some special attributes.

7. Cheryl Harcourt

She is a Groomer at SwissRidge Kennels. Her responsibility is to groom all the puppies before they go to their families. She is a professional groomer since 2003. She is also belongs to a pet loving family.

8. Jim Morris

Jim Morris has the different responsibilities at SwissRidge. He is responsible for repairing, gardening, and also provide the shuttle service to the puppies when the puppies handover to the families. The most binding thing for him to SwissRidge is dogs. He loves to spend the maximum time with puppies.

Boarding Facility

Sometimes people tired of taking care of their dogs and need some break to spend some time alone. Although it’s not easy to leave your dog but we all need some break. So you don’t need to leave your puppy with any stranger. SwissRidge has the facility of Boarding. You can leave your dog with SwissRidge knowing that your dog is in safe hands.

Moreover, when you leave the dog with SwissRidge, it’s stayed at their homes rather than the Kennels. SwissRidge homes have some rules, so you will get back a trained dog. Each dog at their homes has a special timing for different purposes. Maybe you need to book early as they manage only a few dogs at home.

They charge the $55/ day for your dog. Your dog will stay there with other dogs so an exit bath is necessary which cast $50. You need to take some tests before dropping your dog in SwissRidge to maintain a healthy environment at SwissRidge.

SwissRidge Dogs

Standard bernedoodle size

SwissRidge has all kinds of Bernedoodles like standard, Miniature, Tiny and Australian Bernedoodles. All these Bernedoodles have different sizes and prices depending upon their demands. Usually, the tiny Bernedoodles are more expensive as compared to others due to their more demands. SwissRidge has the Bernedoodles with a variety of colors like single, Bi and Tricolors with different coats. You can visit there site SwissRidge Bernedoodles for available litters if they have any litter in stock. You can also purchase a mature dog from the SwissRidge Kennels. You can also find the different genders you want. SwissRidge has the Female Bernedoodles, Bernese and poodles. They have the males Bernedoodles, Bernese, poodles and Australian Labradoodle.

SwissRidge Training

Peoples loving Bernedoodles is not just obtained from the perfect breeding. Training is the most essential part of any Bernedoodle life. So you need to raise your puppy with perfect manners. SwissRidge has different training programs to give you a perfect puppy.

SwissRidge Training philosophy

Every trainer has a different mindset of training their puppies. They believe that Bernedoodle should listen and obey that’s why they prefer to send their Bernedoodles to their families after the basic training. They also give some basic training rules to the families to raise their puppy accordingly. These rules include the following points.

  • You need to start your Bernedoodle training at an early age and keep that throughout the life period. Find out the things which your dog likes the most like praise, playing or waling.
  • Don’t over train or exercise, just keep each session small.
  • Don’t miss the routine any day. Keep following the routine every day without missing.
  • You can also contact the SwissRidge at any stage when you need some help.

Sometimes peoples ask for different training programs in the SwissRidge. They have different training programs with different packages.

You can leave your puppy for an extra one month with the SwissRidge Trainers. Lucas is also available to guide you according to your puppy.

Imprint program

Everyone needs an 8-month cute puppy at their home. But there are a lot of issues with the 8 month less trained puppy. You don’t like the howling of your puppy in the crate at 3 a.m. Moreover, the 8 month less trained puppy doesn’t know much about the potty training. They need the maximum playtime in the day but you may be at your work during the day. All these things can be negotiable if you get a good train dog for all these purposes.

The 4-month imprint program of the SwissRidge is all about the training of puppy for all these basic manners. This four-month program can minimize all your efforts to train your puppy for basic manners. You can enroll your puppy in the imprint program after the 8 weeks. During these four weeks, your puppy will learn the following basics.

  • Your puppy learns the crate manners.
  • Your puppy learns the leash manners.
  • Your puppy also learn some basic commands like sit down, come and walking on a leash.

Maximum puppy after this program will learn these entire three basic steps to adjust in the family. But we know all the puppies have different somehow. So may be some of puppies don’t understands the commands yet. But this early imprint program makes the foundation for your puppy training. If you miss this early training period of your puppy, you don’t need to worry about that. The puppies are normally in a learning mode for the first 16 weeks.

Training Academy

Obedience nature does not come in dogs naturally, sometimes you may see your dog is overexcited and do some strange things, especially when your dog sees some squirrel. Whenever a dog sees this vacancy of freedom, he wants to fill this vacancy and the problems or become more complex for you. But there are some minor changes which can restore your dog to its normal position. SwissRidge can help you to restore your perfect dog according to your nature. SwissRidge has different programs for restoring your dog. They have different sessions like phone sessions and 1-hour sessions. You can also buy the silver, Bronze, Gold and platinum packages.

Pre-Trained dogs

mini bernedoodle size

Sometimes peoples are too busy and need a completely pre-trained dog to fit in their family. They need a perfect dog without doing any work. Now it’s possible with the SwissRidge Bernedoodles. You can get a completely obedience dog from the SwissRidge. The SwissRidge call these dogs the “turnkey” dogs. SwissRidge is hand over these dogs to the peoples after the six months of their birth. These dogs usually have all the below trainings.

  • These dogs are fully trained for the family environment and the crate manners. These dogs know how to behave with the other peoples and dogs.
  • These dogs are fully responsive on the commands like sit down, come and walking as compared to imprint program puppies.
  • These dogs don’t pull and well- versed in leash etiquette.
  • These dogs are very socializing with the peoples and new places for trip point of view.

You need to contact earlier if you want an older dog with full training. You don’t need to worry about the bonding of these older dogs. The SwissRidge provide with all the instruction and helps to make your bonding stronger. Hopefully, after some time you think that you and your dog together for a long time.


Some commonly asked questions:

What is the difference between Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle?

When we talk about the fun, playful nature, and intelligence, the Bernedoodles and the Goldendoodles are the same. The one difference is that the Bernedoodles are more headstrong than the Goldendoodle. This difference is more prominent in the puppy stage but disappear as the puppy grows up. Many Goldendoodles are enjoying the water and the Bernedoodles also like the swimming. Bernedoodles are more uncomfortable in hot environment as compared to Goldendoodles.

What are the grooming requirements of the Bernedoodles?

All the Bernedoodles has the hair that needs regular brush to prevent them from matting. You also need to clip the Bernedoodle hairs every 8 to 12 weeks. You need to clearly guide the groomer about the Bernedoodle grooming as most of the groomer doesn’t care about the different sizes. You can take your puppy to the groomer after the complete course of vaccines. You also need to clean the ears and nails as well.

Are the SwissRidge dogs are spayed?

Yes all the SwissRidge dogs are spayed and neutered. But if you need the Bernedoodle for breeding purposes, the SwissRidge also provide that dogs in exceptional cases. All the SwissRidge dogs come in non-breeding agreement but you can make the agreement by hand for a Bernedoodle for breeding purposes.

What is the Health Guarantee of SwissRidge Bernedoodles?

SwissRidge extremely care their Bernedoodles according to their health point of view. They give the two years guarantee against the dysplasia and hereditary disease. If your dog gets any of this disease, you need to immediately contact the SwissRidge.  The SwissRidge may replace the Bernedoodle or provide the refund half price.

What are the long term projects of the SwissRidge?

The long term goals of the SwissRidge include the production of intelligent and great temperament Bernedoodles and Goldendoodle in different sizes and colors. They are also looking to develop a unique “SwissRidge doodle” which includes the crossing of perfect tri-colored, medium sized and non-shedding dogs. SwissRidge plan to produce these hybrid dogs by using their own special dogs. SwissRidge is already focusing on some puppies for this purpose.


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