What does a Bernedoodle puppy with a straight coat look like as an adult?

A Bernedoodle with a straight coat, often referred to as a hair coat, typically inherits more of the Bernese Mountain Dog’s characteristics. As an adult, a straight-coated Bernedoodle has fur that lies close to the body, giving a sleek and flat appearance with minimal waves. This coat type tends to shed more than the wavy or curly coats, though it still sheds less than a pure Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat. These dogs generally require regular but less intensive grooming compared to their curlier counterparts, needing brushing once or twice a week to prevent matting and to distribute natural oils.

straight coat puppy with adult Bernedoodle

In terms of overall appearance, a straight-coated Bernedoodle often retains the fluffy look of its puppy stage, though the fur is less voluminous and less likely to form curls or tight waves. This coat type can vary slightly, with some straight-coated Bernedoodles having a slight wave. The straight coat is typically easier to manage and is suitable for owners who prefer a lower-maintenance grooming routine while still enjoying the Bernedoodle’s characteristic fluffy appearance.

The straight coat Bernedoodle can come in various colors, including black, white, tri-color (black, white, and brown), and other combinations. These dogs retain the charming, teddy bear-like appearance of Bernedoodles but with a more streamlined fur texture. The straight coat of Bernedoodles mostly resembles the Bernese mountain dog. But most of the Bernedoodles get the coat genes from the poodle, so maximum Bernedoodles come in a wavy and curly coat. At the time of the puppy birth, we can’t easily judge the coat type of the Bernedoodle. But after some time, we can decide the coat type of a Bernedoodle.

puppy and adult straight coat bernedoodle dog

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