When do Bernedoodle puppies get their adult coat? A double layer coat of fur

All the Bernedoodle puppies born with a soft fluffy fur type coat, which helps them to regulate their body temperature. This coat is usually thinner than the adult Bernedoodle coat. When the puppy grows, it’s got a double layer coat of fur. One is the undercoat, and the other is the outer coat. The undercoat is usually shorter than the outer coat. An adult Bernedoodle appearance can be changed entirely when it’s got his adult coat. Especially the color of the coat will be changed as compared to the puppy coat.

When do Bernedoodle puppies get their adult coat

When we talk about the timing of the adult coat of a Bernedoodle, it can vary in the range of 4 to 6 months. Sometimes people need to weight for a whole one year to see the adult coat of their Bernedoodles. Maybe your pup[y start shedding, but you don’t notice due to the short hairs of your Bernedoodle. Some Bernedoodles also go through some bad months, which are known as “the uglier.” The above-described range of Bernedoodle can be vary depending upon a lot of factors. Let’s discuss these factors to know more about the timing of the adult coat of a Bernedoodle.

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The size of a Bernedoodle can affect the timing of their adult coat. Usually, smaller size Bernedoodles get their adult coat later as compared to the larger size Bernedoodles. So we can say if you have a tiny Bernedoodle, you may weight a little longer as compared to standard size Bernedoodle.

Coat type

The coat type of a Bernedoodle can also play a role in the timing of an adult coat. Maybe some coat types get the adult coat a little earlier as compared to the others. Usually, the straight hair Bernedoodles get their adult coat soon as compared to wavy, and curly coat.


The environment can also play a role in the timing of the puppies’ adult coat. In a pleasant and moderate environment, a Bernedoodle usually gets the adult coat early. So we can say the right weather conditions are also good for your Bernedoodle adult coat.


The growth rate of your Bernedoodle can also affect the timing of their adult coat. Bernedoodles, which grow at a fast pace, usually get their adult coat early as compared to Bernedoodles, which grows at a slow rate.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that a Bernedoodle adult coat can be completely different from the puppy coat. The adult coat of a Bernedoodle usually comes at the age of 4 to 6 months, but in rare cases, it can take one year as well. Moreover, the adult coat also depends upon some factors, as discussed above.

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