How Big a Bernedoodle Can Get ?

Bernedoodle dogs, like Standard, Miniature, and Toys, come in different sizes. Due to their variety of sizes, they are trendy among families. Both Parents of bernedoodle, Bernese mountain dogs can have a range of 80 to 110 pounds weight, and the Poodle’s weight varies from 10 to 70 pounds. Depending upon both parents’ weight, we get different sizes of Bernedoodle.


Standard Bernedoodle

Standard bernedoodle size

The standard Bernedoodle was obtained from the cross-breeding of the Bernese mountain dog and the standard poodle. Moreover, a standard Bernedoodle weight doesn’t fix; it can vary in a specific range depending upon the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle size. A standard Bernedoodle weight can vary from 70 to 90 pounds. When we talk about the height, it can also vary from 23 to 29 inches depending upon the parent’s size.

Miniature Bernedoodle

Mini bernedoodle size

A Miniature Bernedoodle usually obtains from the cross-breeding of Bernese mountain dog and miniature poodle. The Miniature Bernedoodle also doesn’t have a fixed size; it can vary in a specific range. The size of a miniature Bernedoodle can vary from 25 to 49 pounds weight, and its height varies from 18 to 22 inches depending upon the parent’s height.

Toy/Micro/Tiny Bernedoodle

Toy bernedoodle sizeToy, Micro, and Tiny are the different names used to express the third type of Bernedoodle. These are the smallest size obtained in the Bernedoodle generations. The tiny Bernedoodle is the cross-breeding of the Bernese mountain dog and the Tiny poodle. If we talk about the weight, the tiny Bernedoodle can have a 10 to 24 pounds weight range with 12 to 17 inches in height.

Sometimes the breeder cross-breeds the different sizes to obtain the Bernedoodle with specific qualities to match the buyer’s requirements.

Different Generations depending on the size

The Breeders don’t stop at the first cross-breeding of the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. They move forward and try to cross-breed further for different sizes and qualities. Moreover, they also minimize the possibilities of the disease in the next generations. As we know, the Bernese mountain is prone to ten different kinds of diseases. There are fewer possibilities for these diseases when we move in further generations. Mainly there are three generations of Bernedoodle dogs.

  1. The first one is the F1 generation, the cross-breeding of the Bernese mountain dog, and the poodle. So we can say that the first generation Bernedoodle is 50% Bernese mountain dog and the 50% poodle.
  2. The second generation is F1b, which is the cross-breeding of F1 Bernedoodle and the poodle. So we can say that the F1b Bernedoodle is 25% Bernese mountain dog and 75% poodle dog.
  3. The third generation is F2, which is the cross-breeding of male and female Bernedoodle of first-generation. So we can say that it’s 50% poodle and 50% Bernese mountain dog.

All these generations can have different sizes depending upon the size of Cross-breeding dogs. The primary purpose of all these generations is to produce an intelligent, loyal, and allergy-friendly dog.

The Temperament of Bernedoodle Relative to Size

When you have a lot of space in your home, you don’t care about the size and go for any size. Suppose you are looking for a stable temperament and a good personality dog. In that case, you need to concentrate on the size of the Bernedoodle because every size has a different personality and attitude.

When we talk about Standard sized Bernedoodle, they are known for their balanced personality. They have the combined effect of Bernese mountain dogs’ true nature and the poodle’s playful nature, but they also have known for some thick-headed traits of a Bernese mountain dog. They also have some intelligence and high-strung nature of poodles.

So finally, you will end up with some ill-behaved Bernedoodle. In most cases, the top traits in standard Bernedoodle come from the Bernese mountain dog.

When we talk about the miniature and tiny sizes, they are more energetic than standard Bernedoodle. Moreover, they have higher aggression as compared to standard Bernedoodle.

Caring depending on size

When we talk about caring, it will be the same for most aspects. It is somehow different for different sizes. The bathing, grooming, and training are almost the same for all sizes.

The standard Bernedoodle dogs are somehow less socialized as compared to smaller Bernedoodles. You can overcome this issue by taking your Bernedoodle for regular trips and walking. The standard-size Bernedoodle mostly likes to stay alone. To overcome this issue, don’t leave your standard Bernedoodle alone.

When we talk about the food needs of Bernedoodle, the miniature and tiny size require fewer calories compared to standard size. They are more socializing than standard Bernedoodle, but a minimum of one walk per day is necessary for your miniature Bernedoodle.

At what age, a Bernedoodle is fully grown?

Determining the exact age to know when a bernedoodle is fully grown is very difficult. The growth of a Bernedoodle depends upon different factors other than genetics.

In other factors, the first factor which directly affects the Bernedoodle growth is the nutrition that the Bernedoodle gets. Moreover, the environment also plays a vital role in the Bernedoodle development. Maybe some Bernedoodle shows the outward appearance of an adult dog, but internally still be growing. Some little Bernedoodles are grown at the age of 1 year. Standard Bernedoodles are usually full-grown around the two year age. When we talk about the miniature Bernedoodle, they often entirely grew at the age of 1.5 years.

How the sizes of Bernedoodle affect the Cost?

When you think of buying a Bernedoodle, you need to have $2500 to $4000 amount. Most of the Bernedoodle has a price of around $4000. The main features which affect the Bernedoodle cast are the coat, generation, and the breeder experience. The small sizes of Bernedoodles are much popular among families due to their dynamic behavior and loving nature. So sometimes the smaller Bernedoodles are expensive as compared to the bigger sizes due to their high demand.

Can the size affect the Bernedoodle coat and color?

The Bernedoodle coat and color mostly depend upon the parent’s color and coat. Somehow its changes during the different age periods of the Bernedoodle. Size doesn’t affect the Bernedoodle coat and color. Each size Bernedoodle can have any color depending upon their parent’s color.

Is the size affected the health and physical strength of the Bernedoodle?

The health and the physical strength don’t relate to the size of the Bernedoodle. All sizes of the Bernedoodle can develop the same type of health issues. The primary health issues of the Bernedoodles are hip and elbow dysplasia and some eye and skin issues, which are the same among all sizes.

The Physical strength of any dog depends upon the nutrition and the environment. Exercise and training also play an essential role in the physical strength of any dog. Usually, the dogs who exercise daily are more fit compared to other dogs. So we can say that the size of a dog is not related to its physical strength.

Do male and female Bernedoodle have different sizes?

When we talk about male and female Bernedoodles, there are many differences in their personality, temperament, food, and size. Generally, the Male Bernedoodles are bigger as compared to Female Bernedoodle. When we talk about weight, there is not much difference. It generally depends upon the food, nutrition, and care given to the dog by the owner.

Height also depends upon the parent’s size, but somehow the male Bernedoodle is slightly bigger than the female Bernedoodle. Moreover, the females are lazier and don’t like the walk and exercising compared to male Bernedoodle, which affects their size.

Is the size affect the life duration of a Bernedoodle?

Yes, the size generally affects the life span of a Bernedoodle dog. Typically the smaller dogs have more life duration as compared to bigger sizes. That is the one reason for smaller Bernedoodle demand in the families. When we talk about the three main sizes of the Bernedoodle, the standard Bernedoodle dogs have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. The Miniature Bernedoodle has a life expectancy of around 17 years.

The tiny Bernedoodle has a life expectancy of around 18 years, which is the maximum among all the sizes. As we see, there is not much difference in life expectancies of different sizes, but somehow they are different from each other.

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