Why won’t my Bernedoodle take a walk? Take some time to adjust in environment

The Bernedoodle is a brilliant and social dog and loves the short walking trips with its owners. But if your Bernedoodle doesn’t want to go for a walk with you, this will be very worrying for you. Because usually, Bernedoodles loves to walk. The Bernedoodles generally adjust in any environment early, but you need to give some time to your puppy to get comfortable with the new place.

Why wont my Bernedoodle take a walk

Moreover, it also depends upon the energy level of your Bernedoodle. So make sure to give a proper diet to your pup and give some time to adjust it to the new place. There can be many other factors that can play a role in your Bernedoodle walk. Let’s discuss these factors to know more about the Bernedoodle walk.

Puppy Gear

Puppy gear is an essential factor in the Bernedoodle walk. It is possible that your puppy is not familiar with any other gear; you are changing its gear again and again, which is awkward. Whenever you change the gear, make sure to give some time to it, let your dog get comfortable with its new gear. Moreover, make sure to buy the perfect comfortable gear for your Bernedoodle.

Sometimes the gear is not ideally fit, they get irritated as they do not like the loose gear. So make sure to buy a gear that is perfectly fit for your Bernedoodles with all the harness positions.


Experience is another factor that plays a role in your Bernedoodle walking. Some breeders train their Bernedoodle for short walking trips from an early age on the farm. This is very important for any Bernedoodle because this is the age when a Bernedoodle loves to learn new things. So it’s possible that your Bernedoodle doesn’t have any experience of walking. Make sure to buy Bernedoodle from a reputed breeder.


Weather is another important factor for the Bernedoodle walk. Like humans, Bernedoodles also don’t want to walk in too hot or cold weather. The moderate climate is perfect for them to walk. So if your Bernedoodle is refusing from walking, you need to think about the weather condition as well.


If your Bernedoodle is not feeling well and wants to rest more than usual, maybe your puppy is not ill yet but this could be a sign of any illness. Walking in this condition can cause many severe issues for your Bernedoodle. So if your Bernedoodle is refusing to take a walk, this can be a good sign to get a pre-checkup of your Bernedoodle to prevent any serious issue.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that although Bernedoodle loves to walk, sometimes they can refuse to walk. In this condition, the walking of your Bernedoodle can be dangerous. So if your Bernedoodle is refusing to walk, make sure to judge your dog with all the above factors.

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