What is a F2 Mini Bernedoodle? Complete detail about F2 Mini Generation

There are three different generations of the Bernedoodles, depending upon their parents. When we talk about the F2 generation, it is the second generation of the Bernedoodles. This generation of the Bernedoodles is got by the crossing of the F1 generation male Bernedoodle with F1 generation female Bernedoodle. So we can say it’s a cross between two Bernedoodles as compared to the other two generations. So we can also say that this generation Bernedoodles are 50% Bernese mountain dog and 50% poodle.

Waht is a F2 mini Bernedoodle

When we talk about the Miniature Bernedoodle, They can belong to any generation depending upon the size of their parents. For F2 Miniature Bernedoodle, the small size Bernedoodles of the F1 generation are crossed. Sometimes the second generation is further classified into F2b generation. This generation, Bernedoodles, also has a small size like the Miniature Bernedoodles. But they are famously known as the Teddy bear Bernedoodles due to more small size as compared to Miniature Bernedoodles. Let’s discuss the other features of the F2 Miniature Bernedoodles to know more about them.


The F2 Miniature Bernedoodle can have any color like the other Bernedoodles depending upon its parent’s color. It can also be in most famous tri-colors like the different size Bernedoodles. The phantom color is the most demanding color in the F2 Miniature Bernedoodles.


The size of the F2 Miniature Bernedoodles lies in the range of 25 to 49 pounds like the other generation Bernedoodles. This range mostly depends upon the size of their parents. When we talk about their height, it varies in the range of 18 to 22 inches.

Coat type

There are three main types of Bernedoodles, which include the curly, straight, and wavy hairs. Each coat type has its pros and cons. For example, people mostly like the curly hair Miniature Bernedoodles of F2 generation, but these hair types need more frequent grooming as compared to other types.


All the generations and sizes of the Bernedoodles are brilliant and can pick things very quickly. They are temperamentally energetic breeds compared to other breeding dogs. They are very socialized and friendly with humans, especially with the kids.


The health of the Bernedoodle dogs is also essential because they are the crossbreeds and require a lot of attention as compared to other dogs. When we talk about the F2 generation Bernedoodles, they are not recommended according to the health point of view because the second generation is more likely to inherit the health issues from their parents as compared to the first generation.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the second generation of the Miniature Bernedoodles is the same as the first generation. But still, there is a minor difference in both generations. The main difference is just about the health of the Bernedoodles. As discussed above, the second generation more likely to inherit the diseases as compared to first. But this generation is more comfortable to obtain as it’s an almost natural cross between the two Bernedoodle dogs.

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