Who sells Bernedoodle puppies? Sherry Rupkey the first Bernedoodle breeder

“Sherry Rupkey” is the first girl who started to cross the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle to get the Bernedoodles. After her first experience with the time, she just built a farm known as “SwissRidge Kennel” for the breeding of the Bernedoodle dogs. After that, there are a lot of other families that started this business and started selling the Bernedoodles.

Who sells Bernedoodle puppies

All these families mostly offer their Bernedoodle puppies through online platforms. You can visit their online stores and order a puppy through an online store. Usually, you need to weight after placing your order due to their lot of demand. Let’s see the different sellers around the world who are offering the Bernedoodle puppies.

SwissRidge Kennel

SwissRidge Kennel is the farm of an experienced seller, as discussed above. The main farm of these sellers is in Canada. But their dogs are very famous all around the USA. You can quickly found every variety of Bernedoodle there. They are much known for carrying all of the Bernedoodles separately. They also provide all the necessary training to their puppies to adjust to the family quickly.

Prize poodles and doodles

These sellers are in the Kentucky state of the USA. They sent their puppies all over the USA. They own a 20-acre farm with a beautiful lake that makes them a perfect place for the Bernedoodles. The main focus of these breeders is to provide a healthy, good temperament, and ideal personality dog.

Namaste Doodle and Poodles

These breeders are in the Texas state of the USA. They specialize in producing perfect Bernedoodles with different sizes. The most popular colors of these sellers are merle-tricolor and chocolate-tricolor. They also provided some other types of dogs as well.

Rocky Road doodles

These sellers are in the Utah state of the USA, and famous for producing the best socialized Bernedoodle dogs. Their dogs are well trained and socialize with their owners. You can easily see the growth of your puppy on the farm using social media. Moreover, they are also testing their puppies for different health diseases to prevent their puppies from any severe illness.

Hoosier Canines

Hoosier canines are in the Indiana state of the USA. A small family owns this farm for the different types of dog breeding. When we talk about their special Bernedoodles, they are the F1 standard Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. Every puppy goes through proper training to quickly adjust to any family.

Walnut Valley Puppies

A small family also owns Walnut Valley for the dog breeding. They are in the Illinois state of the USA. When we talk about their special Bernedoodles, these include the F1, F1b, and Miniature Bernedoodles. The most popular colors of these dogs are black, white, merle, and tri-color Bernedoodles.


There are many other sellers like the above who sell their puppies through online stores. You can also visit their farms if they are around you. All the sellers specialize in a specific type of Bernedoodles. So you can easily choose any breeder accordingly.

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