Why do Bernedoodles Eat Socks? What Can i Do about it?

Dogs like to chew on many unusual things, and socks are one of them. Bernedoodles also chew socks like other dogs, which is nothing more than a nuisance. But the soft, smelly, and stretchy socks are very appealing chew toys for them. Sock stealing can become a big problem for dog owners who don’t train their dogs early. Socks are also very dangerous for dogs as they can cause internal blockages and many other problems.

So, if your Bernedoodle is also chewing your socks, it’s not something to joke about. You have to tackle this problem as soon as possible. The best way to resolve this issue is to train your dog instead of leaving your dog to eat socks. Although little chewing of socks is not a big problem, it can become a big concern if your dog eats them. Let’s see why Bernedooles eat socks?

Why do Bernedoodles Eat Socks
Why do Bernedoodles Eat Socks

Reasons why your Bernedoodle eating socks 

1. Socks mixed with their toys 

Some dog owners when they reach home kick their socks off on the floor. These socks can mix with the dog toys on the floor. They smell them and think that these are their playing toys. They pick them up and start playing with them.

2. Resource guarding 

Your Bernedoodle can also eat the socks as a form of resource guarding. This happens when a dog feels threatened and wants to guard his important items such as bones and toys. If your dog is not properly socialized and feels threatened in the presence of other dogs, it may show this kind of behavior.

3. Suffering from Pica

In rare cases, your Bernedoodle can also suffer from the condition called Pica. This condition can lead the dogs to eat a variety of food items such as rocks, leaves, dirt, and socks. Although the exact reason for this condition is unknown, it’s thought that behavioral disorders and digestive issues are linked with it.

4. Teething phase 

Most of the dogs are obvious culprits during their teething phase. They like to explore everything with their mouth during this phase. Even certain breeds and individuals also have a propensity towards this type of habit. It mostly depends upon their drive, energy levels, and desire to chew.

5. Boredom  

Boredom can be another main reason if your dog is eating socks. May your dog is not getting any perfect alternative or appropriate enrichment.

Signs & Symptoms of dogs eating socks 

  • If your dog ingested a sock, wait to see if he managed to pass it when having a bowel movement. However, consulting with your vet is always the best option to prevent serious conditions.
  • Sometimes large dogs poop it out, but you should monitor your dog and ensure that the sock is moving in the intestine and not stuck anywhere.
  • Some of the common signs of internal blockage include vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain, lethargy, and changes in bowel movement.
  • The blockage symptoms can become serious in days or weeks depending on the blockage, full or partial.
  • The dogs can get severe dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities with this blockage.


Like all other dogs, Bernedoodle also loves to chew soft, smelly, and stretchy socks. They don’t have any danger for them until they eat them. Eating these socks can lead your dog to internal blockage, which can be responsible for their death in some serious cases. If your Bernedoodle is eating the socks, try to contact your veterinarian immediately. Don’t waste your time googling more about the problem. Go to nearest vet immediately.

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