How much should I wash my Bernedoodle Puppy?

How much should I wash my Bernedoodle Puppy? Bathing of the Bernedoodle puppy is the most essential thing of the Bernedoodle grooming. The simple rule about the Bernedoodle bath is to bathe your Bernedoodle puppy once a month.

But you should know that the Bernedoodles need to maintain their natural oil to keep their skin moisturized and healthy. So over-bathing can damage their natural skin oiling ability. Moreover, this oil is also good for the Bernedoodle to keep his coat healthy. For that reason, most professional groomers recommend that you should bathe your Bernedoodle after 3 to 4 months.

How much should i wash my Bernedoodle puppy

In some cases, you can also bathe your Bernedoodle early. For example, if your Bernedoodle spends a lot of time outdoor, especially in the mud, you can bathe your Bernedoodle more often to keep it fresh and clean. Moreover, when you feel that the dog needs bathing, you should go for it. Don’t use harsh shampoo and conditioners. You can use special conditioners for sensitive skin.

If you are unsure about shampoo and conditioners. You can visit any online store or read our review section for different products that are best for your dog. Just remember a simple rule, try to avoid unnecessary bathing. There are some other factors as well, which play an essential role in the Bernedoodle bathing.

Let’s discuss these factors.

Coat type

The coat type is one of the most important factors about the Bernedoodle bathing. When we talk about the small hair Bernedoodles, you can bathe them early as compared to the longs hair Bernedoodles. For example, when we talk about the curlier hairs, it’s not just about the bathing of these dogs, you also need to brush and comb these hairs to maintain their look.


Health is another critical factor in the bathing of the Bernedoodle dog. You can’t bathe your Bernedoodle early if it is affected by health issues. Although if your Bernedoodle looks healthy from the outside, you need to test your Bernedoodle properly. As some people are allergic to their pets, so they bathe their puppies regularly which is not a good practice. If you are allergic, buy a puppy that has a hypo-allergic coat.


The lifestyle of a Bernedoodle also affects bathing. Usually, the short-haired Bernedoodles have a more comfortable lifestyle as compared to the others. You can easily clean your short hair dogs between the bathing periods. If your Bernedoodle dog is an outside lover, you may need to wash your Bernedoodle a minimum of once a month.


So from all the above discussion, we can observe that the bathing of the Bernedoodle puppy is an important grooming thing. How often is simply dependent upon the coat type, health, and lifestyle of your Bernedoodle. It’s a difficult question to answer due to a lot of factors involved, but if you want to do more do it after every month or follow as recommended by professional groomers, which is after three months.

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