How much energy does Bernedoodle have? A Very Energetic Dog

Bernedoodle dogs are brilliant, loyal, and goofy dogs with moderate energy levels, which helps them to pick things quickly. You can efficiently train them due to their intelligent nature. When a dog has more energy level, the dog wants to spend maximum time playing and learning. The energy level of a Bernedoodle also depends upon its size of the Bernedoodle. The smaller size Bernedoodle has more energy levels as compared to the bigger sizes.

How much energy does a Bernedoodle have
How much energy does a Bernedoodle have

This is one of the main reasons for smaller Bernedoodle having higher playing time compared to the bigger sizes.

All the sizes of the Bernedoodle need exercise daily, depending upon their energy level. When your Bernedoodle age is three months, they need the exercise twice a day for 15min each. At the age of six months, the exercise period is increased depending upon the energy level. Similarly, at the age of 9 months, the exercise period will be increased.

The energy level of a Bernedoodle is somehow dependent upon its food and daily routine as well. Let’s see the energy level of the different sizes of Bernedoodles.

Standard size

Standard size is the most significant size of the Bernedoodles and has a minimum energy level as compared to the other two main sizes. Moreover, sometimes people take their bigger size Bernedoodle outside for exercise. Make sure to don’t over-exercise their standard Bernedoodle due to their low energy level. The prominent signs of over-exercising are sore muscles, paw injuries, injured joints, and sudden disinterest in exercising.

Miniature size

The other primary size of the Bernedoodle is the Miniature size. This size Bernedoodle has a little more energy level than the standard size Bernedoodles. You can take them on short trips but make sure to prevent them from over-exercising.

Toy Bernedoodle 

Toy size is the smallest size in the Bernedoodle, with a lot of energy as compared to the other two sizes. This is one of the main reasons for their higher demand in families. They can spend the maximum playing time with the kids as compared to the standard and miniature Bernedoodles. They love to walk outside for short trips. But make sure to don’t over-exercise your Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that all the Bernedoodle has enough energy level to entertain you. Usually, the smaller size Bernedoodles has more energy level as compared to the bigger sizes. Make sure to take care of your Bernedoodle food and daily routine to increase its energy level. Moreover, don’t over-exercise your Bernedoodle to prevent it from side effects.

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