What Color Poodle is Used to Get tri-color Bernedoodle? How to Get Tri Bernedoodle?

It’s not an easy question to answer because a tri-color Bernedoodle is one of the most difficult Bernedoodle to get. Many breeders say that they almost spend 5 to 10 years to get their first tri-color Bernedoodle. The main colors of a tri-color Bernedoodle are white, black, and rust with white color on the face or not. The traditional look of the tri-color Bernedoodle dogs is like a Bernese mountain dog. Mostly breeder’s colors test their breeding stock before the litter is born to know about the color of the Bernedoodle puppies.

How to Get Tri Bernedoodle
How to Get Tri Bernedoodle

Tri-color Bernedoodles

A tri-color Bernedoodle is normally an F1 generation Bernedoodle which obtained by crossing the Bernese mountain dog with a poodle. The traditional tri-color Bernedoodles are Tri-color phantom, Tri-color sable, and Tri-color Merle.

But we can also get the tri-color Bernedoodle of F1B generation by crossing the Bernese mountain dog with the F1 generation poodle. This tri-color Bernedoodle comes in the tri-color phantom, tri-color sable, and tri-color Merle.

Phantom tricolor

The phantom tri-color Bernedoodle dog has black, white, and rust colors. These tri colors Bernedoodle obtained after crossing the Bernese mountain dog with the poodle of any color from the Black, white, or rust.

Sable tricolor

Sable color is more about the background coat color with any other tip color. Mostly the tip color is black with any other color in the background. The sable tri-color Bernedoodle is obtained by crossing the Bernese mountain dog with the poodle of black color or any other solid color.

Merle tricolor

Merle tri color is more about the pattern of the Bernedoodle color. This is usually referred to as the combination of different colors in the Bernedoodle coat. In this tri-color type, there is a solid color Bernedoodle with the patches of any other color like blue or gray. These are also known as the blue Merle and gray Merle. The Merle tri color is obtained by crossing the Bernese mountain dog with the poodle of gray or blue color.


From the above discussion, we can observe that the tricolor is mostly dependent upon the poodle color as compared to the Bernese mountain dog. The Bernese mountain dog comes in almost the same back, white and rust color. So you need to pick a good desired color poodle to get your perfect desired tri-color Bernedoodle. Make sure it is not necessary that you always get your desired color by each crossing. As discussed above it’s difficult to get a perfect tricolor.

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