Are the Bernedoodle Good Dogs? Here is your Answer!

When we talk about the Bernedoodle dogs, they are smart, goofy, gentle, and loyal dogs. Bernedoodles are the mixed dogs that have the best characteristics of Bernese mountain dog and poodle parents. People also knew these dogs as Bernese mountain poo. These dogs are the perfect companions for their owners and families. These dogs have many unique features as compared to other dogs.

Bernedoodle Dog Characteristics

The Bernedoodle dogs are the perfect choice for the families due to their intelligence and beauty. These dogs inherited the intelligence nature from the poodle parents and friendly temperament from the Bernese mountain dog. Bernedoodle dogs usually like to spend time with children and families due to their playful nature.

These dogs are mixed breed, so it’s difficult to make any predictions about these dogs. Sometimes they got more traits from the poodle and sometimes from the Bernese mountain dog. But these dogs are perfect for allergic suffers from more hypoallergenic characteristics.

Variety of Appearances

Moreover, people also like these dogs due to their variety of appearances. Their coat can be of three types. It can be curly, wavy, or straight, depending upon their parents. They also have different variations in their sizes. You can choose between standard, miniature, and tiny size Bernedoodles. Mostly, people like the tiny size Bernedoodles, which perfectly fit in their families.

These dogs can also have different coat colors depending upon their parent’s color. The dog can be of a single, double, or triple color. You can choose between any colors according to your choice. Most of the colors are black, white, and brown.

These dogs love to exercise and daily walk, which is also needed for their healthy growth. If you have a Bernedoodle dog, you need to give some proper time to your Bernedoodle for a daily walk. These are the perfect dogs to entertain your child’s.

Fewer Health Issues

When we talk about health issues, these dogs have less chance of any disease as compared to Bernese mountain dogs and poodles. Usually, these dogs have longer life periods as compared to their parents. The primary purpose of this breed in 2003 is to create a perfect companion dog, not a dog to display in shows for beauty purposes.

These dogs are usually stubborn during their early age, but when these dogs are properly trained, there is no better and intelligent dog than the Bernedoodle dogs. These dogs pick things very quickly as compared to any other dog. Moreover, you need to early socialize these dogs to make them perfect socialize the dog. But make sure to prevent these dogs from bad habits, because these dogs also pick bad habits easily as the good one.

Need Proper Food

A portion of proper food is also necessary for these dogs depending upon their size and activity level. These dogs are eating lovers and maybe eat everything you put in front of them, but don’t put everything in front of them. You need to consult with your veterinarian for a proper food plan.

Need Proper Grooming

You need proper grooming of your Bernedoodle to maintain your Bernedoodle beauty and health. If your Bernedoodle has a curly coat, you need to brush daily to prevent them from any mashes. Their coat is usually thick, which prevent them from cold temperature and heat in the summer as well.

You need the proper carrying of these dogs for their perfect growth and beauty. Usually, the tiny and miniature Bernedoodle sizes are more suited for the family. Due to the small size, these dogs don’t need the extra personal space in your family. These love to spend the maximum time in humans.

So from the above characteristics, we can say that, if you are looking for a perfect companion for your family, Tiny Bernedoodle will be the ideal choice as compared to any other dog Due to their small size and variety of colors and unique features. Typically the Bernedoodle dogs are the good dog.

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