Sable Bernedoodle Coat, Colors, Temperament, Size, Life Period & More | A Complete Guide

If Bernedoodle have a special coat with some solid color and black color tipped in the background. These special color coat Bernedoodle known as sable Bernedoodle. Sable Bernedoodle don’t have any special pattern or a specific color. The sable Bernedoodle has white color as well, as the Bernese mountain dog. Due to white color, peoples call them the sable tricolor but the correct term for them is sable and white. When we talk about beauty, the sable Bernedoodles are stunning and very attractive among the peoples.

Sable Bernedoodles
Sable Bernedoodles

Features of Sable Bernedoodle

Sable Bernedoodle is like a tri-color Bernedoodle during their early age but when they grow up they are no more like a tri-color Bernedoodle. One’s the adult coat of the sable Bernedoodle appears they no more look like tri-color. When the sable Bernedoodles are born they usually have a solid black color or phantom. When they grow up the sable color is appearing. Some sable Bernedoodle hold their dark color in the adult age as well while the others completely turn in creamy color. When we talk about the features the sable Bernedoodle has the following features:-

  • Unique Beauty
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Trainable

These are some features of sable Bernedoodle which are mostly common among all the Bernedoodles.

Generations and size of Sable Bernedoodle

There are mainly three generations of the sable Bernedoodle like the other Bernedoodles. There is no special breeding for the sable Bernedoodle. When we cross-breed the Bernese mountain dog with the poodle if we get a sable Bernedoodle is known as the first generation of the sable Bernedoodle. We can get a sable Bernedoodle from the normal cross-breeding of any generation of the Bernedoodle. Sable Bernedoodle is nothing other than a normal Bernedoodle with the difference of coat color which can be obtained from any normal Generation Bernedoodle.

When we talk about the sable Bernedoodle size, they have different sizes depending upon the generation and size of cross-breeding Bernedoodle. If we get a sable Bernedoodle from the cross-breeding of Bernese mountain dog and the standard poodle, it will have a large size as compared to the sable Bernedoodle which is obtained from the cross-breeding of Bernese mountain dog and the miniature poodle.

Temperament of Sable Bernedoodle

The temperament of any dog depends upon the environment and the behavior of the peoples with the dog. Sable Bernedoodle has a unique color coat as compared to other Bernedoodle so people like this coat and loves more to sable Bernedoodle as compared to other Bernedoodle.

Due to this loving behavior of the peoples, the sable Bernedoodle temperament is very solid and loyal. Moreover, the child’s liked this tri-color Bernedoodle and always tries to play with it which makes it is a very socialized dog.

Exercising of Sable Bernedoodle

Exercising is very important for any living thing to burn their calories. The sable Bernedoodle needs 30min to 1-hour exercise daily to burn their calories. Walking is enjoyed by the dogs so you can take your Bernedoodle for a walk daily for exercising purposes. Sometimes the Bernedoodle play with the children’s at the home and don’t need any walk to burn their calories.

Moreover, you must take care of the over-exercising of your Bernedoodle it can dangerous for Bernedoodle health. Exercising toys also play a very important role when you don’t have the time to take your Bernedoodle outside.

Training of your Sable Bernedoodle

Sable Bernedoodles are very intelligent and hardworking dogs like their parents. We can easily train these dogs for different purposes. Potty training is very important for any dog within a family. As these dogs are mostly live in families so you just need to train it for potty. These dogs are less stubborn as compared to other dogs so you can easily train them. You can also haired a trainer for training purposes.

Health issues of Sable Bernedoodle

The main health issues with all the Bernedoodle are same like hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems and skin issues. The sable Bernedoodle also faces these problems in some cases. Mostly these health issues come in the puppies from the parents because some inexperienced breeders don’t care about the parent’s tests before cross-breeding. Always try to buy a sable Bernedoodle after checking the certification of their parents.

Benefits of Sable Bernedoodle

The main benefit of having a sable Bernedoodle is its unique beauty as compared to other Bernedoodles. But it has many other features as well which makes it superior form the other Bernedoodles. Let’s discuss about the different features of sable Bernedoodles.

Sable Bernedoodles Benefits
Sable Bernedoodles Benefits

1. Unique Beauty

The sable Bernedoodles are tri-color Bernedoodle with mix shining colors which makes them more beautiful. They are very attractive to the peoples especially for the children. They have the coat with multiple shedding.

2. Energetic

The sable Bernedoodles are very energetic and hardworking like the Bernese mountain dog. If you are looking for perfect dog to play with your children’s, the sable Bernedoodles are the perfect choice, they can play the maximum time with the peoples.

3. Loyal

The sable Bernedoodles are loyal with their families. It’s very hard for a sable Bernedoodle to leave a family after spending some time with a family.

4. Intelligent

The sable Bernedoodles are very intelligent dogs and adjust itself very quickly according to the environment. They pick the things very quickly so we can easily train them.

Why we need to wait for a sable Bernedoodle?

We know the Bernedoodles are not normal breed dogs; they are obtained from the cross-breeding of two different cast dogs. Cross-breeding of two different cast dogs is not as easy as the normal dogs. Moreover, you don’t expect a puppy after each crossing, may it need 2 3 crossing to obtain a perfect puppy.

When we talk about the sable Bernedoodle it’s become more waited process because each time we don’t get a sable Bernedoodle. The ratio of getting sable Bernedoodle is very low as compared to other Bernedoodle. Sometimes you don’t get the desired sable Bernedoodle so it’s a very long process to get a perfect desired sable Bernedoodle. You can add your name on the waiting list for future cross-breeding to get a sable Bernedoodle.

Why a sable Bernedoodle cast much as compared to others?

The peoples like the sable Bernedoodle due to its unique beauty as compared to others. But when we talk about the ratio of the production of sable Bernedoodle, it’s very low as compared to other Bernedoodle. The pregnancy ratio of the poodle is also very low which affects the Sable Bernedoodle production. The demand of the sable Bernedoodle is high as compared to production which increases the cast of the sable Bernedoodle.

How can i find a good breeder for sable Bernedoodle?

Finding a good breeder for sable Bernedoodle is not less than any challenge due to many inexperienced breeders in the market. Inexperience breeders don’t care about the cross breeder dogs and don’t ensure you with many other things like health, quality, and training. But you can concentrate on the following points to find a perfect breeder for sable Bernedoodle.

  • Force the breeder to meet with the puppy parents.
  • Force him to show you the health certificates of the puppy parents.
  • Ask him to provide you with the references
  • Force him to work with you after the puppy purchase
  • Ask him to visit you the breeder house
  • Ask him about the vaccination certificates of the puppy
  • Ask him about the puppy training

By concentrating on the above points you can judge the breeder quality and experience. If he is satisfying you about all these points and willing to work with you even after the purchase this will be a perfect breeder. Because all the good breeders take their puppies like family members and want to know about them even after the purchase.


Some commonly asked questions:

1. Which is best among sheepadoodle and Bernedoodle?

The sheepadoodle and Bernedoodle both are very intelligent, playful and loyal with their families. But if you are looking for a best company with lay down and loveable feature, the Bernedoodles are the best choice as compared to sheepadoodle.

2. Are the sable Bernedoodle cuddly?

Normally the Bernedoodle dogs only buy those peoples who really love the dogs and buy them for their families. The Bernedoodle don’t disappoint them with their beauty and loyal nature. The Bernedoodles makes special place in the families hear due to their loveable nature and that’s why people think that the Bernedoodles are smart, cuddly, happy, and loveable dogs.

3. Can a sable Bernedoodle leave alone?

The sable Bernedoodle dogs are very energetic and playful dogs. Try to don’t leave your Bernedoodle alone especially during their early age because in that age the dog is in learning age. You don’t want that your puppy learn the bad habits.

4. Is the sable Bernedoodle having different coats?

The sable Bernedoodle can have different types of coats like curly, wavy and straight. But the color of the coat is mostly common which mix of black, brown and white is.

5. How much a sable Bernedoodle cost?

Mostly the sable Bernedoodle prices are high as compared to normal Bernedoodle due to their high demand. But it’s somehow depends upon the breeder as well. The sable Bernedoodle prices vary from $2500 to $10000.

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