What to look for while Adopting a Bernedoodle? Most Important things

If you are looking to adopt a dog for your family, the Bernedoodles are the perfect family dogs to adjust to your family. They have many unique characteristics that separate these dogs from other breeds. We can say that buying a Bernedoodle is not less than buying a car. There are a lot of attributes of the Bernedoodles on which you can focus while adopting it for your family.

Let’s discuss these characteristics which are necessary to look while choosing a Bernedoodle.

What to look for while adopting a Bernedoodle


When we talk about the Bernedoodle personality, usually, all the Bernedoodles are very gentle as compared to other breeds—but sometimes depending upon the breeder and environments the Bernedoodles lack in this feature. So make sure to visit your breeder farm before adopting the Bernedoodle.


All the Bernedoodles usually are very loyal like their Bernese mountain dog parent. But they can be a lack of this feature depending upon the breeder’s training and environment. So you need to check your Bernedoodle before adopting it.


Usually, all the Bernedoodles are very social with the peoples and especially with the kids. The Bernedoodles don’t shy from the strangers. Their playful nature makes them very special for any family. But sometimes it can be a lack of this feature depending upon the family environment. So make sure to judge your Bernedoodle with this feature before adopting it.


The Generation of the Bernedoodles also plays an essential role in the personality, life span, and the cost of Bernedoodles. The second-generation Bernedoodles usually are more likely to inherit the diseases as compared to the first generation. So you can check the generation certificate before adopting the Bernedoodle.

Basic training

Basic training is necessary for every Bernedoodle to adjust to any family easily. Bernedoodles are very intelligent and pick every action very quickly. Almost all the breeders train their Bernedoodles for all the necessary tasks which are suitable for a family Bernedoodle. These tasks include eating, potty, and barking training. So you can check your Bernedoodle for all these basic trainings before adopting the Bernedoodle.


The vaccination of every Bernedoodle puppy is essential to prevent the Bernedoodle from any serious health disease. So you need to check the certificates of your Bernedoodle vaccination before adopting it.

All the above features are very common in the Bernedoodles. So you can easily find a perfect Bernedoodle for your family with these features. But there is some other difference in the Bernedoodles as well, depending upon their parents. These differences are mainly about the Bernedoodle size, color, coat type, and cost. There are different sizes, colors, and coat types of Bernedoodles with varying ranges of price. For example, when we talk about the bi-color Bernedoodles with a wavy coat, it has a little bit lower price as compared to the tri-color curly coat. So you can also focus on these features while adopting Bernedoodle.


From all the above discussion, we can say that you need to find a perfect gentle, social, and loyal Bernedoodle dog for your family. Moreover, you can also check for some other features like size, color, and coat type before adopting the Bernedoodle.

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