How long after a Bernedoodle’s water breaks does she have puppies?

When a Bernedoodle’s water breaks, it signifies that the second stage of labor is beginning, indicating that puppies will be born soon. Typically, puppies start arriving within 4 hours of the water breaking, and the entire birthing process can last between 6 to 24 hours. Various factors, such as the size of the litter and the mother’s condition, influence this timeframe?

How long after a Bernedoodle’s water breaks does she have puppies

Factors Affecting Timing of Puppy Birth

Litter Size:

The size of the litter significantly affects the duration of labor. For example, if a Bernedoodle has a litter of around six puppies, the process might take about 8 hours. After the water breaks, the first puppy typically arrives within a few minutes to an hour. Subsequent puppies usually follow every 30 to 60 minutes?.

Bernedoodle Size:

Larger Bernedoodles might take longer to give birth compared to smaller ones. The size of the mother can affect the ease and speed of delivery?.


Monitoring the Bernedoodle’s temperature is crucial. Normally, a dog’s temperature drops slightly below 100°F just before labor begins. This temperature drop signals that puppies will arrive within 24 hours?.

Signs and Stages of Labor

  • First Stage: The dog becomes restless, may refuse to eat, and starts nesting behaviors. This stage can last up to 12 hours.

  • Second Stage: The water breaks, and the dog begins having contractions. Puppies usually start appearing within 4 hours after the water breaks. If strong contractions last more than 30-60 minutes without a puppy being born, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Preparing for the Birth

  • Whelping Box: Set up a clean, large box in a quiet, low-traffic area of your home. This box should be warm and draft-free, with clean bedding for the mother and her puppies?


  • Veterinary Assistance: Keep your veterinarian’s contact information handy. Be prepared to assist if the mother does not open the amniotic sacs or if there are complications during labor.

Post-Delivery Care

  • Immediate Care: Once a puppy is born, ensure the mother cleans the sac off the puppy. If not, gently wipe the sac off and clean the puppy’s face and nostrils.
  • Environment: Keep the whelping area warm and clean. Change bedding regularly and ensure the mother has access to food and water?.
  • Monitor Health: Keep a close eye on the puppies’ weight and health, and ensure the mother is recovering well. Watch for signs of distress or complications such as prolonged labor or lack of appetite?.


The birth of Bernedoodle puppies is an exciting and critical time. After the water breaks, puppies usually arrive within 4 hours, though the process can take up to 24 hours depending on various factors. Preparing a safe and comfortable birthing environment and monitoring the mother closely can ensure a smooth delivery and healthy puppies?.

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