How long has the Bernedoodle Been Around? Diet, Weight, Exercise, and Checkups

Bernedoodle is around since 2003, these dogs are brilliant, socialize, and loving dogs. They can easily attract anyone to make a strong bond with them. This is one of the main reasons for their more demand in families. But when you think about the life span of these dogs, it’s just a little number as compared to human life. But still, these dogs have a maximum life span as compared to many other dogs. It is challenging for the families to forget after a strong bond with a particular Bernedoodle.

How long has the Bernedoodle been around

Bernedoodle life span can be divided into classes depending upon the size of the Bernedoodle. Bernedoodles come in three main sizes, the life span of a Bernedoodle also vary in three main categories. The smaller size Bernedoodles has more life as compared to bigger sizes. The smallest size of the Bernedoodle is a tiny size that has a life expectancy of around 18 years. The other primary size is the miniature Bernedoodle, which has a life expectancy of 14 to 17 years. The third one is the standard Bernedoodle, which has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. So we can say that a Bernedoodle life span can vary from 12 to 18 depending upon its size. Many other factors play an essential role in the Bernedoodle life span. Let’s discuss these factors to know how long your Bernedoodle been around you?


A healthy diet also plays an essential role in the life span of the Bernedoodle. You need to pick a healthy diet that is formulated for your Bernedoodle according to his size. If you feed your smaller Bernedoodle with plentiful Bernedoodle food, it will be overweighed soon. Try to give a diet to your Bernedoodle, which is full of nutrition.


It would help if you made sure the healthy weight of your Bernedoodle to prevent it from weak muscles and overweight. You need to maintain a moderate weight of your Bernedoodle according to its size. The lower weight can cause the hip and elbow dysplasia. Overweight can develop fat, which is responsible for diabetes, cancer, and fatty liver.


Exercise also plays an important to keep your baby secure and healthy like humans. This can also help your dog to prevent from overweight. Bernedoodles usually like short walks and playing with the kids indoor. So make sure to provide a suitable environment for your Bernedoodles to stay active.


Sometimes a small kind of internal or external infection can cause significant damage to your Bernedoodle. So make sure to visit your veterinarian regularly after a short period. These checkups prevent your Bernedoodle from any considerable issue.

Bernedoodle history 

The breeding history of your Bernedoodle also plays an essential role in its life span. The good breeders always test their parents before the breeding process. So make sure to know about the breeding history of your puppy before purchasing.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the Bernedoodle life expectancy mostly depends upon the size of your Bernedoodle. The smaller Bernedoodles has more life expectancy as compared to the bigger sizes. Moreover, there are some other factors, as well as health, weight, history, and exercise, which play a role in your Bernedoodle life span.

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