How to trim a Bernedoodle? Winter style, Summer style, Poodle inspired style

Bernedoodles are the lovely companion dogs for any family. They are very gentle and intelligent dogs that can easily adjust to any family. These dogs come in different coat colors and coat types depending upon their parents. When we talk about the trimming of these dogs, it mostly depends upon the weather conditions and the environment. In the hot weather, the Bernedoodles usually like the small hairs on the whole body as compared to the cold weather. Moreover, the trimming of your Bernedoodle is also dependent upon the style of your Bernedoodle, which you want. Trimming of the Bernedoodle nails is also essential to prevent the Bernedoodle from any damages.

How to trim a Bernedoodle

Whenever you are looking for the trimming of your Bernedoodle, you have two chances, the first one is at home and the second one is from a Bernedoodle professional. Both options have their benefits. When you trim your Bernedoodle at home, this will make a strong bond with your Bernedoodle. Similarly, for some unique and perfect look of your Bernedoodle, you need a professional groomer. You can go for any option according to your desire. Let’s discuss some popular styles of Bernedoodle to know how we can trim your Bernedoodle?

The winter style                                                           

The winter cut is specially designed to take the cold weather in mind. In this cut, the length of the hairs on the whole body is approximately 3 inches. But the length of the fur on the face and the chest is about 1 inch. The legs and the tail is perfectly shaped in this cut. Make sure to trim the tresses enough so they can easily see.

The summer style

The summer cut is perfectly designed to give maximum comfort to your Bernedoodle during the hot weather. You can also say this is a shorter version of the winter hairstyle. You can use the 7 to 8 inches trimming comb on the whole body for this style. When we talk about the legs, you need to perfectly shape them with a 1-inch trimming comb. The tail hair will be a little longer than the whole body. Moreover, the facial hairs are also shortened.

Poodle inspired style

The third one is the poodle inspired style, which mostly looks like the poodle as clear from the name. So we need to shorten the fur on the back and the belly. You need to leave the fur on the head, tail, and close to the feet. It does not entirely look like the poodle cut, but somehow its matches it.


From all the above discussion, we can see that there three main trimming options for your Bernedoodle. These options include the winter, summer, and poodle inspired hairstyles. You can choose anyone according to the environment. But you can also select any other option as well, which you think is perfect for your Bernedoodle for its look.

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